Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 9, 2015-Palm Springs North

So time is basically just passing by like seconds is horrible, but I am really excited to see my family in about a week and  a half!! I was able to have a huge surprise this sunday!! My companion and I were waiting outside before church started to greet the members and this car pulls up right in front of us and I was like who is this guy? and then this girl comes running out of the car towards me and its SISTER JOHNSON!!! AHH!!!!! She was my second companion and I love that girl to death!!! I screamed and we ran into each others arms like in the movies;)!:DD ahahahhaha my companion was super confused for a second!! But it was so amazing to see her again!! She came back to visit and I was so happy to see her! WE had been having a rough week with finding people and her visit was exactly what I needed!! Anyways another short email im so sorry!! Love you guys!!!
Hermana MIles
P.S. I finally got my English tag !! I was so excited!! maybe ill send a picture next week,
P.S.S. My companion is a dance performance major and she has been teaching me ballet!! She says im a natural!! hahaha ill send you pictures next week I promise! If im not too lazy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2, 2015-Palm Springs North

This week we were able to help Harold get baptized!!:) It was amazing! satan was definitely trying to stop him but Harold was so converted that he didn't let anything get in the way! His mom had a minor heart attack the night before his baptism but he still came and he said that after he got baptized he felt a lot better!:) and that everything was okay now!:) He is so amazing that he has his eyes set on the temple!! He asked at his baptism if a year from this date exactly was when he could go through the temple! The temple was his main goal and baptism was just a stepping stone for him! This week we have really tried to stay diligent and keep on working hard looking for those elect people in our area. We feel that as we create a strong vision that Heavenly Father truly will bless us with those miracle elect people and we stay faithful and obedient! This week I was reading in Mosiah 24 and it was talking about the people of Alma and how they were persecuted and they still stayed faithful! Its amazing what the Lord helps us accomplish and we truly give our whole heart might mind and strength.

Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015-Palm Springs North

This week was so crazy!!!! We had some amazing miracles happen! So in the middle of the week we were kind of low on people to teach so we stayed diligent and tried to knock doors in really inspired places we knock on this one door and it has a screen and all we see in this really really tall guy and we were like, Hi we are representatives of Jesus Christ we are here to say a prayer. and he was like sure! come in! So we got to start teaching this family and they are so cute!! We love them!! We also got to meet this muslim lady that is doing a phd project on Mormons and it was so cool to answer all her questions and to clarify any weird rumors that she might have heard. She came to our services to see what it was like for her project and she came up to us and told us that she had heard how persecuted the pioneers had been and it had touched her heart because it was only because of what they believed in! She was so kind and sweet! we love her so much!
We were able to get 10 people to church this week! Which was a miracle!! God blessed us so much!!! He is helping this work progress!!! 
I had to give a talk this Sunday with my companion and we were both so nervous! since we had no time to prepare because when we get home all we care about is food and sleep haha:) but they turned out good in the end but it was a little stressful trying to take care of 10 investigators and speaking at church, it was a little nerve wracking!! but in the end everything turned out perfect!! which is what happens when you put it all in the Lords hands!:)
This work is inspired, it is amazing to see the changes that are happening to the people all around me, investigators, missionaries, ward members, all because Heavenly Father was so kind enough to allow us to be apart of this great work. What a blessing it has been to be able to see the change of heart that has happened in others. It makes me think about the scripture in alma 5: 26  "And now behold, say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, would ask, can ye feel so now?" I feel so now, I have felt to sing the song of redeeming love and how grateful I am for such a loving Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, our savior. 
Well I love you! 
Hermana Miles

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015-Palm Springs North

This week was so good! Sister King and I have been loving to get to know this area and the members and we are so excited for the miracles that keep on happening all the time, I don't know if I had told you guys about allen before but he is a 77 yr. old man that is so excited to get baptized!!:)) He is so awesome! He had been taught by sisters before but he hadn't felt ready back then so he finally decided that he was ready to get baptized now:) He is so excited to be "Mormon" and he constantly keeps on telling us! I love you guys this week is going to be short but im going to make up for it with photos:)

Sister King and I. 

Sister King and I with the Madriz Family. 

With the Madriz Family.

Me with sister moffett and her new trainee my granddaughter in missionary lingo!:)

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015-Palm Springs North

This week was one of the most amazing weeks in my mission.
First off, I got transferred back to Miami/ Hialeah area!!! Palm Springs North!! Its an English ward and I absolutely love it!! Also my new companion is sister king and I love this girl so much!! We both got transferred into the area together so we are so brand new! It was so crazy!!! We literally didn't know anything! We didn't even know where our house was!! So we had to get the address to our house but it wasn't working in my GPS so we had to go to the mission office to ask them to print out directions for us to our house, so we finally get the directions and we driving and I notice that we are starting to pass one of my old areas and I'm like I didn't think our area was this far south and then our directions send us to a business address!! and we were so lost and we were like, "What are we going to doo!?? We are so lost in Hialeah!" So we call our Zone leaders and they give us the address to the church that is close to our house so we go to the church and have to figure out where our house is from there -_- so stressfull!! Heavenly Father was helping us so much with that!!! Anyways so we finally get to our area and both of us are brand new and we are like well okay! lets go! So we are just running around trying to figure out our area for about two days! I felt like I was running around with my head cut off for about two days but then that's is right when Heavenly Father came in with all the miracles!!!
We got a referral from some other sisters for this guy and we went to go see them and he turned out to be sooo elect! but he was YSA age so we had to pass him but we knew that God was preparing awesome miracles for us.
We got a Media Refferal from someone that referred themselves  and we went to go see them and it is someone that had been taught a while ago and was going to get baptized but then decided not too and decided that he wanted to start preparing for baptism!!! He is 77 yr. old and is the cutest old man ever! We love him so much and even came to stake conference this Sunday!:D
So we then had stake conference this Sunday and I was really excited because I knew that my old wards where going to be there and that my recent convert the madriz family might be there! So I was so excited to go I enter the chapel and the first thing I see is the madriz family all sitting together on one of the front pews! I practically run to them!!! We were so excited to see each other and my heart was so full that I felt like crying from pure happiness!! Then later on in the meeting they called their names (the father and the son) to have them stand up to have people sustain them because they are getting the melchezidek priesthood!!!  I was so happy my heart was just overflowing!! and then!! A seventy came to our stake conference and was giving a talk and all of a sudden he asks MY recent convert to come up and bare his testimiony!!! That testimony was seriously the highlight of my mission! It made everything worth it! Everything! To see that someones life was changed so dramitcally and how much he understand how the gospel had truly changed his life! and then he hugged a seventy!! My RECENT CONVERT IS FRIENDS WITH A SEVENTY NOW! ah!!!! And then the seventy said that he had asked the family when they are getting sealed and they said that in  September is their goal to get sealed as a family!! And then afterwards I got to see all the members I knew from doral! I love them so much!! they all have my heart!! and one of the less actives that I worked really hard with in doral came to stake conference and is finally getting the melchezidek priesthood too! I knew that my Heavenly Father sent me to this area so that I would be able to go to this stake conference and see all of this and see all of the people I knew in doral! It was amazing! I am so grateful for the blessings my Heavenly Father has given me by allowing me to see all of these things! I felt the spirit so strong and I know that I was sent here for this family and all these other people! and I know that I will have an eternal relationship with them! And I plan on coming back for their sealing:) I am so excited!!
The ward that I am in right now is amazing I love them! :)
Hermana Miles
P.S. Hurrah for Isreal:)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015-Wellington

I am getting transferred!!!! AHH!! thats means i am going to be somewhere different for my last six weeks! I am freaking out!! But anyways! this week was good!:) We definitaly saw a lot of miracles!! We have been going over to the members a lot lately and working with them and trying to help them invite their family and friends and its been working!!! We had one member referral that is amazing!! She has such a desire to change her life and we love her so much!! I have been so grateful for the opportunity i had to be in this area and in this ward! I love it so much and am a little sad to leave but also i am excited for this new step! So the emails seem to be getting shorter and shorter! Love you!
Hermana Miles

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015-Wellington

GUYS!!! Such a good week!! We were able to meet with cathleen a lot this week and she was able to stop smoking!! yay!! Miracle!!! It was amazing! sorry the email is going to be short this week! But another miracle that we saw was we were knocking doors and we ran into this boy and he asked us to come back when his family was there, so we did and we met his mom and said a prayer with her and turns out that we was a member! She was baptized when she was 17!! It was so crazy! Also we were knocking doors another day and this lady opens the door and gets this huge smile on her face and says," you are lds missionaries!! come in!!!" Man were we shocked at first! we were even a little hesitent to come in but then she explained that she is just down for the equestrian season and was a less active member but that it was funny that we just knocked because she was just reading her scriptures and sure enough right there on the table was a book of mormon!! MIRACLE!:)), did i tell you guys that wellington is like the polo capital of the world! I didnt even really know what polo was until i came here but now we see people playing it all the time! It is so cool!
Love you guys!!
Hermana Miles

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20, 2015-Wellington

This Week was AMAZING!!!! So many miracle happened!! Okay first off! OUR MISSION GOT A NEW ADDITION!! The southern part of the tampa mission, fort myers, has offically been added to our mission!!! 24 new elders and 6 new sisters!! ahh!! we are so excited to see them and have them be part of our mission. Actually funny story, when Elder Zwick came to our mission he had a conference with our mission and accidetnally let it slip that they would be part of our mission, this is how it went, "...So elders and sisters with the new addition of 30 new missionaries from Fort Myers (our mission president goes white with this surprised look of his face, everyone in the room gasps and starts whispering) Oh...*looks at president* they didnt know??*President shakes his head slowly* Oops" hahahahhaha:) So funny! anyways!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!
So The biggest miracle for this week is meeting Cathleen! So we were going to knock doors in an area that we had planned that was kind of on the opposite side of our area when all of a sudden we pull over and see this area that looks good, we figured we might as well knock some doors here and we see this lady outside playing soccer with her kids, we go and talk to her and wouldnt you know!!SHe had been taught by missionaries a couple of months ago but had been evicted out of her house and had moved to our area!!! She was so excited to see us!!! (especially because she didnt know there were girl version of elders)  and told us to come back!! We happily did so and miracle upon miracle just kept on occuring with her!:)) Her and her son came to church loved it!! and!! She ran into a doctor from our ward that had treated her son a year ago!!! She felt like this was a huge sign and new that this is the place she belonged! so yesterday we had a fhe at this ward members house and it went sooo amazing!!! The spirit was so strong there and the members bore there testimonies and everyone started tearing up!! Her son loves church and Cathleen says that she finally feels like she is in the place she is supposed to be around the people shes supposed to be around with! WE love her soooo much!!! We are so excited for her to see how she progresses!! ALSO!!! TAN, T'nari and T'naiyah came to church!!! They loved it!!!! We were so excited to see them there!!!! and they felt the spirit really strong and when we went back to visit them they said that they feel like this is where they should be right now:)!!!!
So in this area it been kind of hard finding people through our own efforts so my companion and I prayed about it and decided that we needed to help the members help us find the people that are waiting for the gospel in this area. We decided to start doing little member visits and sharing the first vision with them and asking them to pray about someone they could invite to church on Sunday!! Its been amazing to get to know the members more and to see them think of their family and friends they want to share this gospel with! I love this ward sooo much!! they are so amazing and so kind! and we have already been able to see how the members are starting to open their eyes to misisonary work! MIRACLES MIRACLES MIRACLES
 Hermana Miles
P.S. Hurrah for Isreal!:)

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015-Wellington

GUYS!! This week Elder Zwick from the seventy came and visited our mission and it was awesome!! He was so inspirational!! He talked about how we need to stop limiting ourselves by thinking we have a certain capacity and allowing God to lift us and help us past that certain capacity! It was so inspired I loved it!! 
This week we were able to see miracles with our progressing investigators, T'nari and T'naiyah! they are amazing! they are the nephew and niece of a recent convert and they are just so hungry for the Gospel. Since they are youth we had them go to mutual this week and they loved it!:) We really feel like them progressing in the Gospel is going to help the mom, who was a former investigator because she never wanted to act, especially to progress in the Gospel. With this new interest that her children have in the church we have been able to see miracles and the mom feels the spirit more and more in her home!!! It is amazing and we are so excited to complete this family!! 
Time is going by so fast i cant believe it!!! Love you!
Hermana Miles

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015-Wellington

sorry guys this is going to be a short one!:) We had a great week, we were able to visit a less active that hadnt been visited in a couple of years and it was an amazing experience. My awesome companion was able to testify about some doubts he was having and then we decided to fast all together to help him with these doubts. We were able to feel the spirit helping us along and at the end we asked him if their was anything we could do to help him and he said, "Just dont forget about me." Sometimes that is all people need, is to feel like they are not forgotten, and that is what is amazing about this gospel is that we are never forgotten by our father in heaven and his son, our savior, Jesus Christ. I Love you guys and hope you had a great new years!! I definitely did!! I got a super awesome southern dinner on new years eve! We had fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn bread, kool aid, yellow rice with chicken legs in it! It was awesome!!!
Love YOU!
Hermana Miles