Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25-Sweetwater, FL

Well Guys nothing much this week! My companion and I are super excited for Thanksgiving. We now officially have five Thanksgivings to go to so we are super pumped! This Sunday a lady from our ward gave a lesson about families and the family proclamation. It was such an amazing lesson and kind of like changed my life forever that's why I am writing about it. This lesson just showed me how important my family is and why I am even out here as a missionary. I am trying to show people how important their family is to them and how important the gospel is to families and how blessed families, especially my own, have been blessed by this restored gospel. Nothing really exciting happened this week, sorry. We have been having a lot of fun just knocking doors and doing the Lords work. You know, the usual:) I hope everything is going well with you guys and everyone is okay:) I hope you guys have the best Thanksgiving ever! Love you lots!

Hermana Miles

P.S. We were at the grocery store the other day and this lady just came up to us and hugged us. My companion and I were like cool a free hug:) but it turns out she is an inactive member and we had a really cool chat with her:) Members really are all over the world:D

Friday, November 22, 2013

November 18-Sweetwater, FL

Hey guys:) 

How are you doing?? Well, me? MY SISTER HAD A BABY GIRL!! Her name is Siena Ro! how cute is that! So no matter what, this week was the best because of that beautiful baby girl:) So this week was crazy! We had exchanges on Friday and it was so stressful because I had to take charge over my area for the first time but it all worked out in the end. It just really made me appreciate my companion so much! I missed her a lot and was so glad she was back home! I never realized how much pressure is on her on a daily basis but taking charge of what would happen in the day was so stressful! I will never take my companion for granted ever again!! haha:) So this week we were knocking doors and we came across this guys named Alejandro. He has social anxiety and gets really nervous around people and also he has a problem with his retina so he is partially blind. His desire was to have help talking to people. I was able to see how much Heavenly Father loved him and his sweet spirit. It was such a wonderful experience because I was able to testify to him that Heavenly Father loves him so much and that he can help him with anything! I am almost finished with the Book of Mormon and at the end it talks about how God gave us weaknesses so that we can be humble and that if we follow God he will make our weaknesses become strong! Its amazing!! Anyways:) So there is this eternal investigator his name is Roberto and he says he wont get baptized until my companion goes home which is in December and he will get baptized like a going away present for her:) haha he is so funny and we know that he is just scared so we are really just trying to help him. Every time we go he feeds us and then he will give us a bunch of food to take with us. I seriously think he gives us like all of his food that is how much food he gives us but I think he gets blessings for it so thats why he keeps on doing it:) haha We heart attacked his door and wrote on one of the hearts "The angels love you for feeding us":) Also we meet this really cool lady her name is Kristy and she just really wants help to know what is the true church of God! I love her so much!! She kind of has a little problem with pretty much everything on the Word of Wisdom but with God all things can be done! Also there was this creepy guy that my companion and I were teaching and he was sitting in the middle of us (I know so awkward) and he kept on inching towards my companion! and I was like, "No homeboy! get away from my companion!" So I prayed that Heavenly Father would send us a text so that we would have an excuse to leave and guess what!! THE ELDERS TEXTED US!! A MIRACLE!! I hurried and panicked and said "oh man! I am so sorry but the elders have an emergency we have to leave right now! Bye!" haha:) GOD IS REAL THE CHURCH IS TRUE! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL! :) Love you guys! Hope you guys have awesome experiences this week too! I have a brilliant idea! why dont you guys write me about these experiences and then it would be like we were Each OTHER! Isn't that such a great idea! anyways...haha :)

Love Hermana Miles
P.S. #Miracleshappeningeveryday
P.S.S. Lets go do some good
P.S.S.S. I know I look a little crazy in the picture. Or maybe I just look like that all the time...

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11-Sweetwater, FL

Hey guys:) 
This week was awesome ( do I say that every week?) So this week my companion and I witnessed a miracle! We hadn't really been having any success finding new investigators lately so we were really struggling but we were harvesting one day and we knock on this door and this guy opens it. At first he seems a little hesitant to accept the prayer. He was scared we had a gun or something and we were going to rob him. ( everybody always tell us this, do we look that scary?) So once we finally convince him that we are not gangsters or thieves he lets us in and invites his mom to the prayer. Once we say the prayer miracles happen!:) His whole countenance changed! It was like nothing I had ever seen before. He was so happy that we had come and he told us that he never invites anyone in and he told us that he is a retired cook. AND THEN HE INVITED US TO THANKSGIVING!! YAY!! Only like minutes after meeting us! We told him we had not been invited to any thanksgivings of course even though we might or might not have three thanksgivings to attend but it doesn't matter I can just stuff it all in I don't care haha:) Also we were able to serve a lot this week and a loved it! I really love helping these people because it helps me to love them even more:) Its like a never ending cycle of love! We were helping this lady move and she had some book worms in her old books! I NEVER KNEW BOOK WORMS WERE REAL! WHO KNEW!! I am learning so much! haha:D
 Some of these people have nothing but they are so willing to give of everything they have to each other and to us because they understand the love of Christ. Just being here I have learned so much of how I want to change my own character and how I want my household to be and how I want my children to act and how to raise them. I am so happy to be serving my loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ!:) Hurrah for ISRAEL! :) haha maybe that was little to much:) oh well
P.S. Do you guys remember that line in God's Army where the senior companion always says "Lets go do some good" before they go out the door everyday and then at the end the Junior companion says it:)?? Well I say it everyday now, and when I train I am going to do it to my trainee and then wait till she says it and then my life will be just like a movie!! ...Anyways I love you guys with all my heart!:) I hope you don't think I am too weird!:D
Love Hermana Miles
Servant of the Lord.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5 - Sweetwater, FL

Hey guys!
So this week was the best! Halloween was a blast! The people here in Florida decorate their houses and go all out for Halloween its kind of cool to see. I love it! Especially since I love Halloween. We had a ward trunk or treat and My companion and I had a blast! We handed out candy to little adorable kids and we dressed up as witches so it was fun! So this week we visited a lady from the ward that just got baptized a few months ago. She is the best I love her! She has a bunch of animals though. I think that she has three dogs and three cats and she was having some trouble with them so she decided to get rid of them but she was having a hard time letting go of the dogs and needed some help. So my companion and I went over to help her and we ended up having to take two dogs and a cat to the animal shelter. It was the craziest thing ever. The poor dogs were so scared and the lady was crying! I felt so bad, my companion and I ended up just having to drag the dogs ourselves over to the shelter and they were like peeing on the way in because they were so scared. It was crazy! The things you do on a mission. Anyways, I made Enchiladas!! And Rice!! It was actually legit! It was so good! I was so surprised that I actually know how to cook. I guess all those years of watching my mom make stuff actually payed off. So this week we were having a kind of rough time finding new investigators so we were harvesting all the time ( which is basically just knocking doors and asking people if we can share a blessing with them) and we had some really cool experiences with it. We were harvesting at the end of our day one night and it seemed like almost every door we knocked on people in those houses needed a prayer. They all said stuff like, God sent you here or I needed this blessing. It was a great experience and the last house we knocked on was a totally random house and we had such a great experience with her because she was saying that her husband was sick and she really just needed a prayer for comfort and to help her husband. I love this work just for the fact thatour Heavenly Father is able to use me to help others and to comfort them. Its amazing how well our Heavenly Father knows us and knows our needs and knows when to answer our prayers:) So this week was transfer week and one of the sisters that I live with is transferring so soon there will be another sister! EXCITING!!  I love you guys! and I hope you are all doing well:)
p.s. GUYS I ATE A CHICKEN HEART!! A LEGIT HEART!! IT was crazy, we went over to this Brazilian family for dinner and they fed us like the best barbecue in my life! It was AMAZING:)

Love, Hermana Miles