Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014-Doral South

So this week was incredible guys!!! The Madriz Family came to church! and also 2 other of our investigators!!! We were so excited!!! It was amazing and truly a miracle!! The family came early because they wanted to come to talk to our bishop!:) They got to know him and we loved church they are making so many friends. There little girl who is 5 years old is so CUTE!! I will send a picture of her next week! Sister Moffett and I are in love with her. Everytime we got over we say okay you are coming home with us say bye to your parents! and she gladly walks out the door with us! she loves doing our hair and we always come out having the weirdest hairstyles but we love them so much! Later that Sunday they texted us saying they were looking for a TV and to let them know if anyone was willing to donate one, and we knew the bishop had an extra one that he was trying to give away so we thought, "what a perfect opportunity to stop by!" so we get the elders to come and carry the tv for us (poor elders!, but honestly it was way to heavy for us!) and we show up at their door with a tv! They were so excited espeically their 5 year old! So we were talking to them for a little bit when suddenly a couple from another ward stops by!! Instant member present!! We were so grateful!! They were baring their testimony of the church and erasing any doubts that they had! and they brought the spirit so strong!! The whole family felt it I am sure!! 
A funny experience that we had this week is we were going to an appointment with a less active to help her grandchildren with some of their math homework and we notice two guys in white shirts! IT was the elders! Turns out this less active had asked us both to come over to help prepare her kids for baptism! So we both taught the girls but the elders had to stand outside since their was no man in the house so they were teaching when all of a sudden and little kid comes up to them and asks, "what are you doing?" and the elders where like, "uh...teaching a family." and then the kid (who is like 8 or 9) says, "well dont knock on my door." and then races up the stairs to his apartment and the elders where like, "okay..." and then later in the lesson the kid comes down with something behind his back, and the elders were teaching the lessson so they werent paying attention and then he pulls out there HUGE scissors that are like the size of his head! and we tell the elders to turn around and the kid suddenly starts backing away! The elders where so scared for their life. They kept on checking to see if the kid had cut their shirt or pants. and then every time they would look away from him to teach the lesson, he would slowly start walking towards them again! pretty soon the elders would say one sentence in the lesson and then pass it to us so that they could make sure the kid wasnt coming closer! hahaha poor elders! We felt so bad but it was so funny and we couldnt stop laughing! Oh man!
Welll I love you guys!! Offically only have six more months on my mission! Scariest thing ever!
Hermana Miles

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 8, 2014-Doral South

Hey guys!:) Sorry this week the blog post will be a little short but things have been going so good! We have been able to see so many miracles especially with Amelia! She is so amazing!:)) We love her so much!!! We had assigned her Alma 32 for her to read talking all about faith. And we went and visited her and she right away told us, "So i think my little seed of faith is growing!" I was so happy when she said that because one, it meant she actually did her reading which i dont know why i would even doubt that she didn't because she reads the Book of Mormon every night! she loves it. And two that she understood what the chapter was saying and she applied it to herself!:) It is so amazing to be able to see people grow more and more in the gospel! The members here are so kind! I love them so much! They are so humble and willing to help anyone in anyway. The Venezuelan family that we are teaching are having a little bit of a hard time and all the members have come together to help them! Its amazing to see the effort that they have put to help a family they don't even really know!:) That is the pure love of Christ and I am so grateful that I have had to opportunity to witness that. I have offically hit my year mark! I only have six months left which is crazy to me! I cant believe it! I still feel like i just got here like three months. We have been teaching one of our investigators English and she is so cute!:) she studies like 3 hours every day and she wants to do so well so bad!! She got a B on her test in the beginning of the week and came back so disappointed! she wanted an A so bad! so on thurs. she had a test that covered everything and she was so nervous! We went over to help with any last minute confusions that she might have and then shared a message with her about how is she is giving her all, Heavenly Father makes us the rest! She calmed down so much after that. She calls us the next day ecstatic!!! She said she got an A on her test!:) and that the minute she found out she thought, The sister must have been praying for me:) shes so cute!:)) anyways that all for this week:) I love you! and I hope everything is going good:) and if it isnt dont worry, Heavenly Father always makes up the rest;)
Hermana Miles

September 2, 2014-Doral South

miracle upon miracle this week guys!:)) So it all started with a simple oym (Open your mouth-basically just talking to people on the street, giving them cards, asking if they would like a prayer) So we were harvesting one day and we see this family(a mom, dad and a little girl) passing by and we decide to go give them a card. They were so friendly and loved the card so much that at first I thought they were being sarcastic but they weren't!!! We asked them if they would like a prayer and they super loved it! but they didnt accept baptism so we invited them to church and to an activity that we would be having the next day for the ward. They said that they would come but people usually say that so we just kind of forgot about them for the rest of the day. The next day we go for the activity and NO ONE IS THERE! We had so much food and this humongous (did i spell that right?) cake and no one was at the activity. The missionaries had set up the activity to have people invite there friends to the church so we pretty much felt like that little kid that invites everyone to his birthday party and no one comes. Finally a youth came and we were super excited for that so we played basketball with her. People started filing in little by little (Amelia came with her mom!:D) and we were super grateful to have them there. So we had set up a game of Jeopardy using church facts and we were going to start that when guess who shows up?? THE GUY WE OYMed!!:) We were so excited to see him there and then he tells us, "Yeah, I came here with my whole family, they are in the car, is it okay if they come in?" Ahhh!!! you would not beleive my face! haha:) I practically pulled him to his car and out come three of his children and his wife! They are such an awesome family! they are so nice and caring! They just came from venezuela 15 days ago!! so his whole family come to the jeopardy came and we are a little scared that they will be super confused and get bored with all the church facts but they had a good time!! they where just laughing at how competitive all the members where being and they were yelling and arguing and everyone was laughing! I couldnt believe it! It was such a miracle!! and then we invited them to church and THEY CAME!!!:)) and they loved it!:) They made friends with pretty much everyone in the ward. We went to go over to see them yesterday and they were all waiting for us! Their little daughter, who is five, had been waiting at the door for 15 min. waiting for us to get there:) she is so adorable!!! The whole family is adorable! Me and sister moffett love them so much! So Heavenly Father definitely loves us so much for sending us into the path of this beautiful family!:)
So another crazy experiance this week! We had gone on splits with some members to go visit some investigators and less actives and Me and a member were on our way when all of a sudden we here a THUMP,THUMP, THUMP coming from the car, I was like "what is that??" and then the member says, "You have a flat tire!" OH man!! We get out of the car and look at the tire and it is COMPLETELY FLAT!! The member and I look at each other and she asks me, "Do you know how to change a tire?"and im like, "uh...no,(because honestly i wasnt paying attention when they taught it to us in Young Womens)  do you know how to change a tire?" and shes like, "Nope"  Ahh!! So my first reaction is of course to call the elders! I call them up and was like, "So elders! Guess what? We have a flat tire and we dont know how to change it....and also by the way im on splits with a member, okay thanks for coming bye!" hahaha they must have been pretty annoyed but oh well so they start coming on there way, and while i am doing this, the awesome member that i have with me starts figuring things out on her own, she gets a the spare tire from the trunk and starts trying to figure it out on her own!:) she sees a guy walking his dog on the sidewalk and yells at him, "Hey friend! Could you come and help us change this tire?" and you wouldnt believe it! He came right over! He helps us change our tire so quick!! I text the elders saying, "Jusst kidding you dont have to come over, our member just called some random guy off the street to change it:)" It was a miracle!! and you know whats even a bigger miracle!! guess what kind of job the random guy walking down the street at eight o clock at night has?  He is a mechanic! Heavenly Father is real.
Well I love you guys!!!!! Hope everything is super awesome!!!
Hermana Miles



Me with some sisters that I love. We're all some part Mexican haha.