Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 28, 2014-Miami Shores North

Okay guys I dont have much news this week but I promise that next week there will be tons of pictures and news since...*Drumroll* the dedication and the cultural celebration is next weeek!!!!!!! We are alll super duper excited!! Elder Uchtdorf is coming and I heard that Elder Holland was here last weekend so a bunch and famous people keep on coming! So Giselle, the lady that go baptized last week, is so awesome! We love her so much! she is so excited for the dedication and was even doing great missionary work by inviting her daughter in law to church this sunday! She loves the church so much and she told us that people have been telling her that she has changed. She even has a different light to her face. She just shows so much light! I love her so much! I am so grateful to be able to be here on a mission and to finally understand how important this gospel is in our lives. I have been able to see how much of a difference having the gospel in your life is verses not having the gospel in our lives. This gospel helps us to be able to truly feel the love that our Heavenly Father has for us which is so immense and unexplainable. I hope that I will be able to help everyone that I can and am supposed to help while I am here in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission. Love you guys and I promise there will be more interesting things tomorrow!! and pictures of famous old guys!!! haha:)
Hermana Miles
P.S. My cousin is getting married!!!!! Congratulations Amy!! and Ian!!

Oh and I almost forgot, you can watch me live at this website on saturday during the cultural event! it will be at 7:00pm my time EBT So figure out what time that is for you! I will be at the end with all the other missionaries when we sing the last song with the youth!! So dont miss out ! Cultural Celebrations are always super duper awesome!! heres the website:

Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 7:00 pm EST (be thoughtful of the time difference), the cultural celebration will be broadcast live on the internet at:

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014-Miami Shores North

Hey everyone guess where Im at now???? MIAMI SHORES NORTH!!!! That means that I am right next to the ocean!:) It is crazy here! I am back in English but I am kind of happy to be in English again. It was really hard to be teaching people not in your native tongue I dont know how people in foreign missions do it!:) But anyways My new companion is Sister Hansen!! And I love her!:) We were actually trained by  the same trainer! So technically we are sisters!! (its missionary lingo, Your trainer is called your mom and when your "mom" trains someone else you are sisters( weird huh?)) Anyways my area is full of Haitian people that speak Creole!! Its so cool I want to learn so bad! I have been learning phrases here and there and it sounds so cool!! There is actually a part of my area that is called little Hiati and it seriously looks like we are in a foreign country! There are little Miami mini buses that are jamed pack with people flying all over the place and everyone is speaking creole it is soooo cool!!!! It is so different to especially coming from  Hialeah were everyone calls that place little Havana because eveyrone speaks spanish there and everyone is cuban. Actually, funny story:) So we went to go follow up with this lady that was from Hiati I think and we were finishing the lesson and I went in for a bestito ( to kiss her on the cheek) and she liked backed away and had this most scared look on her face! I think she thought I was going to like kiss her on the mouth hahaha! I felt so awkward and my companion was just laughing at me! because she knew I had just come from Hialeah and was used to that with all the latins there. haha:) I guess I have some getting used to!!! I am really excited to try there food! Ihave heard that its really good! So we actually had baptism this week in my new area!!!:) Her name was Giselle and she is so special. I sent some pictures of it!:) We lvoe her so much!! So many things where put as obstacles in her path before her baptism but she said that she knew satan was trying to stop her and she wasnt going to let Satan win!:)) So she was so happy when she got baptised!!!:))) I love you guys!:))) Send me some letters!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! Its looking really sad over here! anyways Na Way Fue!!! (thats creole I dont know how to spell it thats just how you say it so bye!!!)

Love Hermana Miles

P.S. All the Creole Ive been learning:
Bonje Ben U
Mou Representa de Jezikri
Eske Wa Baptize?;)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

April14, 2014-Hialeah, FL

BIG NEWS GUYS!... drumroll..........
I can't believe it! My companion and I thought for sure that she would be leaving and I would be staying since she has been here in this area for almost a year! but surprisingly I am really calm with it the only thing I am nervous about is WHERE AM I GOING!!??? I have no idea. WHOS GOING TO BE MY NEW COMPANION!! One thing that I am really sad about is leaving my companion, Sister Ware!:) I love this chick! but shes going to be going to BYU So i will be seeing her in a year!:)) She goes home in about a month. So sad! But anyways...So this week miracle upon miracle! MIRIAN CAME TO THE TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE!!! So we had decided to finally drop Mirian but we had a ride to the temple open house that one of our investigators bailed out on so we needed someone to come so we go over to mirians and she opens the door and at first she looks really mad and says, "Well its a miracle you guys are even here" but then she breaks out in a smile (thankfully, I dont know what i would have done if a latin lady would have been made at us, that would have been scary) and welcomes us in. We testify to her and tell her, "Mirian we have a ride coming in 15 min to come pick you up for the temple open house. We know your going to feel the spirit there and it will change your life. Will you be ready in time?" And she said yes!!!!!!! goes back inside and is ready in 15 min!!:)) We couldnt believe it!! and then We went and visited Jose (another investigator that we had dropped before, to drop means we dont teach them anymore) and we call him up and the first thing he says is, "COME OVER  RIGHT NOW!" Oh man you should have seen our faces! We were in total shock we were like, "we will be over in fifteen!" and raced to his house:) We talked to him about church and he came to church!!!!! And he loved it so much he has decided to be baptized next sunday!! We are so excited for him and hope that he can bring his whole family next time:)
This week while working at the temple I had a really cool experience. So we were in the reception tent asking people how they liked the temple tour and one guy comes up and asks me, "So where does the Book of Mormon come from? Did Joseph Smith just receive revelation and just start writing?" and I was able to pretty much teach him the whole first vision! I felt the spirit  while talking to him and I felt like he was just soaking it up. He was so intereseted and I hope he will start talking with the missionaries.:) He had never heard about the mormons until he went to the Book of Mormon play which doesnt exactly say good things about Mormons but it made him curious enough to come to the temple open house so there are always blessings:) I love you guys!:) And so excited to hear from you love you!:))))
Hermana Miles
P.S. Three people told me I looked Italian and asked if I was from Italy (Wink Wink) Maybe I should just tell them I am Italian just to make things exciting:D
P.S.S. Also someone told me I should become a movie star...he might have been a little not exactly there but hey I'll take the compliments where I can get them:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014-Hialeah, FL

So temple is going awesome!! and I am having a blast over here in my area!:) I love this place so much!! The signs are in spanish even and your HAVE to great everyone with Hola! Como Esta!?:) or they will not reply back!:) I love it! anyways something crazy happened this week. So we were goign to go over to the church to watch conference and we saw this cat that had been hit by a car on the side of the road and thought :( aww sad cat! but then we realized it was still alive!! Turns out that the cat had had its two front paws run over and we didnt know what to do! We pulled over and called the elders to come quick!!!  but when they came we still didnt know what to do with this poor cat! So we found the phonebook (since we cant use anyother website other than and and called the animal shelter but they were closed:( and told us to go online -_- that was frustrating so finally we got an address and we decided to take the cat to the shelter. We got the towel from the closet that we use for the baptisms and went and picked up the cat. the poor cat was so weak:( I felt so bad for it and we took it to the shelter! Hopefully the cat will survive! We decided to call her miracle! So we arerooting for you miracle! Anyways...other than that I had a great week full of tender mercies and miracles! And General Conference was great!!! It did kind of sound like the world was going to go through something really drastic so they were trying to prepare everyone. So EVERYONE PREPARE!:)) How can I prepare you might ask? Ask the missionaries;)

Love you!!!!
Love Hermana Miles

P.S. Sorry My post was more about a cat than about people but...oh well sorry Next week I will write you to let you know what happens at transferres and if I stay with my companion or not. We have decided that we are going to predict that we are trio training! So that means that we would stay together and get a trainee:)) It would be so much fun!! We were trying to think of pranks we could pull on her the first night! haha poor trainee...

March 31, 2014-Hialeah, FL

This week we had an amazing miracle! Liduvina got Baptized!! She was a transfer miracle! So the first day after transfer meeting we went harvesting excited to start working and her door was one of the first doors we knocked on! She was so excited to see us and the moment we said we were representatives of Jesus Christ she was so excited she asked where the church was and said that she would be going this sunday even if she had to walk there!! Then she showed us a certificate of a baptism she had had in cuba so we were a little nervous to ask her to be baptized again but we testified and asked her to be baptized by proper authority and she said yes! to everything!! She was even able to go to the temple open house the day before her baptism and she loved it so much! she was crying because she felt the spirit so strong! and after her baptism she came out of the waters and started crying because of how happy she felt!:) We are so happy for her and love her so much!! she feels the spirit so strong every time she comes to church!:) She is an example to me of how important it is to have this desire for the Love of Christ so much that you are willing to do anything for it! We asked her how she felt after the baptism and she said she was so happy she couldn't even descirbe it:)!  we felt so privledged to be a part of bringing this beautiful daughter of God closer to our Heavenly Father and feel so blessed! 
Also in other news...WE ARE WORKING AT THE TEMPLE!! We work every forth day and we LOVE IT!! Just being a part of history is makes us feel so special and we love helping at the temple! Our first day was during the VIP week and we worked in the reception tent that people would go through after the tour and it was amazing to see how happy these people were:) They had sandwiches there that were like AMAZING (sorry for talking about food right now but they were so good gusy you wouldnt believe and plus im a little bit hungry) they had like cranberry sauce and then turkey and then gouda cheese!! anyways I ate like four of them...but anyways got a little side tracked WE LOVE THE TEMPLE! We took Liduvina with us like I said before and as we were going out of the parking lot there was this girl that was handing out newspapers that said Temple In Davie! and we thought it was from the church so we got it and got a Spanish one and an English one and handed one to Liduvina. Big MISTAKE! My companion and I started reading it and it was Anti-Mormon stuff! We freaked out. I whispered to my companion, "What do we do?!?! She's reading it!!" My companion said, "I dont know!" (My eyes start getting bigger! I start panicking) "Do we take it out of her hands!" "No I don't think that would be nice" Ahhh!! Then we say to Liduvina "Um...that newspaper isn't saying nice things about the" Then Liduvina looks up at us and says, "Really? Oh okay" she folds it up in disgust and practically shoves the paper into our hands! :D We were so happy:) She loves the  church so much!! And then more MIRACLES!!!!....
So Mirian and her family where so supposed to come to the temple with us but when we went to go check on her she said she had had a really bad headache for four days and had high blood pressure and the headache was getting worse so she couldnt come:(( So we had some members from the ward come and give her a priesthood blessing. Later on we find out that after we left she started getting a really bad nose bleed and she thinks that she might have had a stroke but that the blessing helped her! She recognized that the blessing was from God and is what helped her!:) Her testimony of the power of God has increased so much now and we set her for a baptism this weekend:) We are so happy for her :D anyways...Did I mention I love the temple! This week has just been amazing!:) a lady in the reception tent went up to my companion and asked, "How do I become a member of your chruch" Now that doesn't happen everyday haha:) so my companion was super estatic and had her fill out a comment card and gave her a Book of Momon!:)
Love her!:) anyways hope you guys had as awesome a week as I did, but I dont know,a temple open house is kind of hard to compete with.:)

Love Hermana Miles

P.S. So one of the important people from Salt Lake came to give us a training before the open house and said, " Okay sisters I know you probably packed away your makeup for during you mission but I want you to break that makeup out and we want you to look you best." All of the sister missionaries look like this -_- what is he trying to say...haha:) anyways we looked beautiful during the open house:) He even said so:) Love you!!

Liduvina's  Baptism.

The view from our harvesting place.

Crazy giant hunk of meat from a member.