Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 19, 2014-Miami Shores North

This week we had HAITIAN FLAG DAY!!! Our ward had a party and it was the funnest thing ever! I think I actually forgot what it was like to go to a party! there was Haitian food there that I had never had so I got to try it for the first time! Man I was pileing on that food like there was no tomorrow! It was so delish! I would have looked like I was a starving missionary but thankfully everyone else was getting as much food as I was. Acutally the kid in front of me didnt think that one plate was enough so he got two plates and had them pile it on for him hahaha:) But when I sat down I ate that food so fast! I think being a missionary has definitely made me like the worlds fastest eater now. We have to eat as fast as we can and stuff as much food as we can so that we dont get full and cant eat the rest of the food:) ahaha:) but other than that. This week was super awesome!:))  I promise I will definitly have an awkward funny story for you next week. There are plenty to choose from haha:)

Hermana Miles
p.s. I have learned that Haitians know how to dance! and how to throw a great party! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014-Miami Shores North

Hey everyone!!!!! 
So yesterday was Mothers Day!!! and I got to talk to my parents on Skype!! (So I only get to Skype them on Christmas and Mothers day and for the rest of the year I only get to email them) So yesterday was pretty exciting! It felt like Christmas!!!! haha:) But this week was pretty awesome! This week we are still teaching Kelly and her family:) We love them so much! She says that she is recognizing a peace that has entered her home ever since we started coming over to teach her and she loves it! and her son even said that he recognizes how the prayer that we said is helping him!:) We are so excited for them that they are recognizing the spirit! They just seem so much happier now!! 
Since its mothers day our investigators went out of town or went to go visit there mothers so they didn't come to church yesterday so me and my companion where kind of bummed. As we walk into the chapel we see a less active that hadn't come in 15 years!!! and she had a 10 year old son who hadn't been baptized!!! MIracle!! I was all happy thanking Heavenly Father for letting them come! Then while sitting in Sacrament someone taps my shoulder and I turn around...and a member had brought her friend who wasn't a member!!!!! ahh!!!! I was like oh man Heavenly Father loves us so much! I couldn't believe it! I was so happy! My companion and I were all happy after sacrament when suddenly a member comes up to us and says, "This man just walked in on his own and he's not a member and says he interested in learning more, I would go over and talk to him." My companion and I were like What is happening??? Investigators are raining from the sky! Its a mothers day miracle!!! Then we go talk to him and he asks, "So where can we pay tithing?" and we thought he just wanted to see it and was curious so we showed him the little envelopes and he says, "okay Im ready to do that" grabs one and starts writing on it. You should have seen the look on my companions face and my face! haha:) He must of thought we were weird I am pretty sure my eyes where like wide open the whole time! haha Anyways that was the awesome miracle for this week!!:))
So my companion figured out that I am pretty jumpy and get scared at pretty much anything so she has been scaring me with little things here and there and I finally decided it was payback time. After I finished my nightly prayers I waiting until she finished her prayers (I was going to scare her during her prayers but I figured I didn't want to get struck by lightening for not being reverent hahaha)  and then she got in her bed and I crawled over the quietest I could, I was crawling  and like slithering on the floor (it took like five minutes to go five feet because I was trying not to make a sound) and then I stood up with a toy dinarsour in my hand  trying my hardest to hold in my laughter, and I attack her face with the toy dinarsour that we had! haha:) She got so scared!!!! I am pretty sure she has some revenge planned for me but I have something in mind to get her back for anything she has for me;)

Love you!
Hermana Miles

p.s. god loves you!

P.S.S.  you should watch this video!!!!

P.S.S.S. I forgot! Okay so this week we were in a not so good neighborhood and we were walking and this guy comes walking close to us and we are like, "Hey! how are you?? We are representatives of Jesus Christ. Can we say a prayer for you?" And he is all awkward and is like, "Nope, not right now" and I was about to start testifying and then I see in his hands like four movies (that aren't movies that you would feel the spirit of Heavenly Father with you if you watched them and they definitely are not allowed from the strength of Youth) and I was like oh man awkward... and then my Companion saw them but she didn't see what they were exactly and I was like trying to make eye contact with her saying like, "Don't mention the videos! don't mention the videos! (with my eyes of course not saying it out loud) but that didn't work so she was like "Hey are you going to go watc---(and this is when she realized what they were so she tried to change to subject) Go hang out with some friends?" hahahha I was laughing so much!!! She felt so awkward we just handed him a card and said Jesus loves you!:) anyways I love you guys:) and Jesus does too:)

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014-Miami Shores North

Crazy Crazy Crazy!! 
Guys this week was so packed!! I cant even believe it! So to start off Giselle got confirmed!!!!!! We were so excited she was so happy!! Even her brother, son, and daughter-in-law came!! She was confirmed in the Bishops office and it was so spiritual! She was so happy afterward! She yelled, "I have the Holy Ghost!" She is so cute!! I love her to death! And after the confirmation her brother was asking all these questions about how our church worked and what he believed! He felt the spirit so much he started to tear up! and then he hugged his sister and said, "this is the happiest I have seen you in years! You deserve this" :) Oh man, how that put the biggest smile on our faces!:) She even testified to them and told them, "this is the only church that felt "right" to me! I feel something different here. This is the true church." And then when the Bishop started talking about the temple she was so proud because she had been able to go to the open house! She was beaming with light! I wish you guys could have seen it:) Then afterward in the parking lot as they were about to go home her daughter-in-law asked me all these questions that she had and then she said, "I was so sad that I missed the baptism services because I wanted to get baptized too, but now its too late." you should have seen my face guys I was like, Noooooo! Its not to late!! You can still get baptized!! hahaaha but I had to withhold my screams ahahhaa and calmly tell her, "You can still get baptized, we can come over tomorrow and explain how you can prepare your self and then you can come to church:) oh man oh man oh man was she happy! and they are just starting a family. How blessed is their family going to be from this gospel??! And then I found out from my old companion Sister Ware that MIRIAN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! I don't know if you guys remember her but Sister Ware and I taught her like all of last transfer! We loved her so much!! She was the one that almost had a stroke but then she got a priesthood blessing:) If you don't remember you can go back and read about it:) Well she got baptized !!!! She kept her promise and Sister Ware told me that she looked so happy and was beaming! And her whole family was able to be there too!! She is being such a great example! and I am so proud of her!:) Anyways on Friday we had to go get our car oil changed and we were waiting at the car place just sitting in the waiting room (which has a TV in it which is always on, do you know how hard it is not to just sit there hypnotized by that TV?? hahaha) and our sisters that live in the same apartment as us call us and tell us, "President Anderson just called and told us that we have to go clean the temple right now!! they need our help! We grabbed some workout clothes for you and we are coming to pick you up!" Oh man were we surprised! We hurry into the car and have to change in the car while we are on the freeway! that was kind of awkward but no big deal! Just two sister missionaries that had to change in a car! Hey we had a mission! We had to get to the temple! hahaha :) anyways We get to the temple and we helped clean inside! It was beautiful! Like always!!! Man, I love this temple so much!!! I was always kind of scared to clean temples because I was always like, "What if I make a mistake? Or don't clean a speck of dust!???? God is going to know that Sister Miles left that speck of dust there and tell the Prophet that he cant accept the temple anymore!!!!!!!" But everything worked out fine:) I just might have cleaned a table like 20 times over and over again just to make sure I didn't miss anything hahaha:) and we got to go into the celestial room and put little booties on the chairs so that they wouldn't mess up the carpet!:) It was kind of hard because the little booties kept on falling of every time we set down the chair and we would have to put them all over again. Some elders came in to  help us and they didn't realize the bottom of the chairs couldn't touch the carpet and they set it down on the carpet and Me and my companion like gasped and dove down and picked up the chair as fast as possible and looked at the elders like they had just murdered someone hahaa:) They must have been like "What is wrong with these sisters?? Weirdees..." The cultural Celebration was awesome! and so was the dedication!!! You guys can still watch it online I think ! I saw some people at the cultural celebration that I hadn't seen in a long time like people from my old ward in Flagler and old missionaries that had gone home and had come back for the dedication and I even saw someone that I knew from my classes at BYU!! Which was really exciting:)!!!!! But anwyays I love you guys!!!!! Hope you had as awesome a week as I did!:)

Hermana Miles

P.S. we are emailing at the Library and some guys next to us started arguing about how Jesus wasn't white but rather black...awkward...
P.S.S. OH!!! Some Jehovah Witnesses knocked on our door the other day...that was awkward too...haha:)
P.S.S.S. but we are all  children of God so we loved everyone....Just clarifying that...
P.S.S.S.S. Arent you guys proud of me??? I sent a really long email this time!?:))
P.S.S.S.S.S. Who is excited for mothers day!!????? I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I get to call my parents on mothers day:))