Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 9, 2015-Palm Springs North

So time is basically just passing by like seconds is horrible, but I am really excited to see my family in about a week and  a half!! I was able to have a huge surprise this sunday!! My companion and I were waiting outside before church started to greet the members and this car pulls up right in front of us and I was like who is this guy? and then this girl comes running out of the car towards me and its SISTER JOHNSON!!! AHH!!!!! She was my second companion and I love that girl to death!!! I screamed and we ran into each others arms like in the movies;)!:DD ahahahhaha my companion was super confused for a second!! But it was so amazing to see her again!! She came back to visit and I was so happy to see her! WE had been having a rough week with finding people and her visit was exactly what I needed!! Anyways another short email im so sorry!! Love you guys!!!
Hermana MIles
P.S. I finally got my English tag !! I was so excited!! maybe ill send a picture next week,
P.S.S. My companion is a dance performance major and she has been teaching me ballet!! She says im a natural!! hahaha ill send you pictures next week I promise! If im not too lazy!

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