Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014-Wellington

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Hope you guys had as awesome of a christmas week as i did!! probably not...sorry.:) 
So I got to skype with my parents! So much fun!! I cant believe that that was the last time i will see them until i am home!! crazy stuff! We had awesome members that fed us for christmas eve and christmas! Such good food! the bishop fed us for christmas eve and he fed us this ginormous steak! It was like the size of my face!! you should have seen our faces when they plopped that chunk of meat on our plates! haha:) But we really were so grateful for our members and this ward for making us feel so blessed and welcomed and not haviing us miss our families as much!
This week was amazing!! Truly a Christmas Miracle!!! During district training this week we talked about going the extra mile and enduring to the end, so thats something that My companion and I wanted to apply to this week. So on Christmas night we had a couple of more minutes left and had to decide if we were going to go home and be a couple of minutes early or go the extra mile and oym! Well we went the extra mile and we OYMed this guy on the side of the road. He was talking on the phone so we really didnt get to talk to him long. We hadnt thought that our efforts of going the extra mile had been very fruitful so we were a little sad when we went back home because we had been hoping all day to see a christmas miracle. Well the next day we felt inspired to harvest in this one area and we are knocking doors and we knock into this guy. We say a prayer with him and he automatically says yes to everything!!! He tells us, "You guys gave me a card last night!" Me and my companion look at each other and are like "Its the christmas Miracle!" He had been the guy we had OYMed on the side of the road on Christmas night! he had been visiting his son on a different side of town so he was surprised he opened the door to see the exact same people he had seen last night! he said that he knew that God was trying to send him a sign and that God had sent us to him twice now so he better start listening! He is so elect!! He is amazing!
So on Sunday morning we go knock on his door to make sure that he is ready and we wake him up but he is not even mad about that!(which is a huge blessing) he is happy to see us and says that hes going to go get ready and borrow his cousins car to get to church. So we go to church and are all happy waiting by the door to greet him and we wait...and wait...and wait... the opening hymn starts playing and we start getting a little nervous, then the sacrament hymn starts playing, and me and my companion are practically getting whip lash from turning around and checking the door everytime someone comes in to see if its him. He ends up not coming to sacrament and we were so bummed!! We call him and he tells us that he was all ready and had even found some church clothes but his cousin left and wasnt answering the phone so he was trying to call everyone he could to get a ride and fiinally his sons stepfather was willing to give him a ride but he hadnt gotten there yet! So quickly we go to a member who is in sunday school and ask him if he could give our investigator a ride to make it to the other wards sacrament meeting! HE SAID YES!!!!! You would not believe! It was a miracle! He walks out of sunday school gets his wife and they both go and get our investigator!! Blessings! so many Blessings! So we both drive over to our investigator and he is there standing outside all ready! Our amazing member picks him up and we both go back to church! on the way there our member starts talking to him about the priesthood and everything (hes a returned missionary! RM's are so awesome!) and when we get to church he starts giving him a chapel tour and talking about the pictures and the sacrament and the first vision! It was the best member present lesson ive ever had! 
So after church we go back and teach our investigator with this same member we teach about the first vision and our member is just on fire teaching him everything! and our investigator says yes to baptism!! WE ARE SO EXCITED !!! CHRISTMAS MIRACLES!!!! SO MANY CHRISTMAS MIRACLES!  He is getting baptized this week and we are so grateful that we followed the promptings of the spirit and  went the extra mile with the added strength from God! 
God is good!
Love you!
Hermana Miles
p.s. Egg Nog Ice Cream is the best thing I have ever tasted.

Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014-Wellington

GUYS GUESS WHAT!:)))) I LOVE MY NEW COMPANION!!!!! Her name is Sister Rampersad and she is from trinidad! She is half indian and half Venezualan, Halfsies for life! 
Anyways, its actually kind of a funny story how we found out we were going to be companions, so we were at the transfer meeting and usually we dont find out until the ap's (assistants to the president) tell us with this huge powerpoint thing, but we were picking up mail and all of a sudden I hear sister rampersad saying my name, and then i turn around and see that she has a package and it has both of our names on it! I turn to her and say, "Well I guess were companions!" yay!! I love her so much! she is just awesome! she is helping me learn  and progress so much its amazing!!
A miracle that we saw was we went to round up two investigators that live in the same house for church. we knock on the door and our investigators arent there and only the son is there. We talk to the son a little  bit and ask him where his mom is he says he has no idea he just woke up and they were just all gone!  Our member ride was coming in ten minutes so We take advantage of the opportunity of a member giving a ride and ask if he would like to come to church and he says that he just got like a couple hours of sleep and hes not ready. we were a little worried and finally decided to just call off the ride with the member. We decided to say a prayer to figure out what we needed to do and the second we open our eyes our investigator walks up!!! she tells us that she was trying to help a friend that was having troubles and was trying to get back as soon as possible and she just had to run inside and get her dress on and she would be ready!  We quickly start calling our member to get her to still give them a ride, but turns out that our member is lost!! since my companion is new to the area she doesnt know how to give directions so it up to me!!!! For those of you that know me you know that I am sooooo bad with directions! I am always getting lost! even in my own town that i have grown up in my whole life!! so let me tell you that it was a true miracle and help from the spirit that all of a sudden i was able to give directions and remember where things where and know where north, south, east, and west where especially because i had gotten lost the day before getting to a members house and he had helped me figure out where was everything so i was able to use it to guide this member to the house! Miracle!!!! so finally the member pulls up! our two investigators come out and one of our investigators comes up to us and asks us "What did you tell me son?" and we were like "why?" and she said, "Because hes coming to church!! He hasnt come to church in years!" She was so happy! and it was a true miracle of God!:)) they all get in the car and come to church!!! Me and my companion where practically in tears we were so happy and excited!:) Satan tried sooo hard to not get them to church but the power of God overpowers all!:)
anyways hope you all are sharing the "He's the Gift" Video and showing it to all your friends! It is really powerful!:) go share it on facebook right now!! 
Merry Christmas! I love you!!!
Hermana Miles

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014-Wellington

This week was amazing!And so much fun!!!!!!!! We had our christmas Party and it was a blast!!!!! Every zone did a little skit and our zone did the nativity for our skit and I was chosen to be mary! which was kind of weird but ended up being really fun!! And I got to see all my friends!!! I got to see Sister Moffett! I was so excited! Anyways and this week has also just been filled with miracle after miracle! 
 We were with this member and we went to go see Lewis our investigator. When we had first found him he felt the spirit so strong but he had started to get a little antied by his family. So we decided to take this member out with us and teach the restoration. We finished talking about Joseph Smith and had our member bare her testimony about the truthfulness of the book of mormon and Joseph Smith. The second she starts talking the spirit just flooded the room! She started crying and we look over to Lewis and he has tears in his eyes! It was such an amazing experience! Members testimonies are so powerful!! We truly can not do this work without them!
Also we found out last night that Sister Walker is leaving!!! Oh man! I am so sadd! We wont get to be together for Christmas!! But I am kind of excited to stay in this area! the members are amazing!!! they truly help so much!!
So this week me and sister walker where knocking doors and we saw this Dog through the sliding glass door and we were like no problem we can just go up to the door. little did we see that there was a doggy door. we had already knocked so it not like we could just leave so we just dont move or breath, hoping he hadnt noticed us. I look back about to tell my companion that maybe the dog doesnt know how to use the doggy door when all of a sudden he sticks his head out of the doggie door! oh man we were so scared!! we have both heard horror stories about sisters and dogs! anyways turns out the dog was too fat to fit through the doggy door and we merrily went on our way:)
Also we went to go visit a member family and they have this 4 yr old daughter and she just started getting really excited when we walked in and I was like "so cute! someone is excited to see us!!"(This really makes you feel good when you're a missionary) and she would come up to me and my companion and then run back to her mom with this big smile. My companion and I were a little confused but we just figured she was just really happy. Then all of a sudden she starts saying to her mom, "Look mom! look mom! Its anna and elsa!" and then her mom starts laughing! Turns out this little 4 yr. old thought that we looked like anna and elsa from Frozen! since my companion and I both had braids in and she is blonde and i have brown hair! haha:) It was the cutest thing ever! and me and my companion felt so good about ourselves afterward for making a 4 yr olds day we were practically skipping out the door!:)
Love you guys!!!
Have a great Chrismas next week!
Hermana Miles

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014-Wellington

We were able to get a miracle of 4 people to sacrament and that was a true miracle from God. This week in the scriptures i have been reading about the brother of Jared and the tremendous faith that he has. Lately I have been trying to put my full heart and mind into the work and trying to figure out how to do that so thats what i will be studying this week. We decided to take a member out with us but all of our appointments were falling though so we decided to just take her out harvesting with us and the first two doors where a little rough and you could tell that our member was getting a little hesitant to knock on the next door but we told her that usually right before we find an amazing person satan tries to distract us so we go up to the next door faithfilled and we knock on this door and this man comes out with his three little kids. We ask him if we can say a prayer and he invites us in! Our member was so excited she jumps right in and says, "Yes!" so we go in leave the prayer and this man starts crying! He had been saying just the night before to his wife that he truly needed to be closer to God and we showed up! What a miracle! and it made our member really excited to come out harvesting later on!:)
Sorry guys not much else this week! Love you!
Hermana Miles

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2012-Wellington

Hey guys!!! 
How is everything going???? Me and my companion are stoked for christmas now!!! We are really crossing our fingers that we dont get transferred from each other right before christmas!!! We would really be sad!! I even missed her when she was gone for exchanges for just ONE day! Ahhh!! what am I going to do when I go home and dont have a companion?
We also went on a full day exchange with the STL's and it was amazing to see the mriacles that came from it. We decided to OYM this lady but she got into her car really fast but we ran up to her car and had her put her window down and we said a prayer with her!:) she loved the prayer and she had even been taught a little by the sisters and had visited the church, but thats not the miracle! the whole time while we were saying the prayer and talking to her there was a lady that suddenly stopped behind the car and started listening to us. and while we were testifying to the first lady, this lady started nodding her head like she agreed with what we were saying! We were a little confused at first so after the prayer she comes straight up to us and says, "What church are you guys from?" We tell her and give her a card and ask her if she would like a prayer. she says yes automatically and we say the prayer and afterward she is crying!:) she definitly felt the spirit and afterwards she was talking about how she wants to come to church and maybe she even might become a member even BEFORE we invited her to be baptized!! It was amazing! A true miracle because we realized afterward that if we hadnt made that effort to oym the lady in the car we would never have run into her!!!! Heavenly Father truly is a God of miracles:)!
Also this week my companion wasnt feeling too good one day so we had to stay in. she had gone to take a shower while I was studying and hadnt known that she had just taken a shower (*side not, when we take a shower the shower door isnt too secure so water just pours out and we have to mop it up with a towel afterward and there are always these huge puddles of water laying around) So I go into the bathroom just humming a song, and suddenly I feel water under my feet and by the time I noticed I was in a huge puddle of water it was too late! I started slipping and feel hard on my back! I didnt scream while i was falling but after I fell I started screaming trying to get the sympathy from my sick companion telling her, "I think I broke my arm!" (I might have exaggerated a little bit too much) but anyways everything turned out okay and I only have a bruise on my arm now:)
Thanksgiving was awesome!!:)) We had a Thanksgiving Lunch and a Thanksgiving Dinner!! The Lunch was awesome! It was at a recent converts house and she fed us all the traditional thanksgiving american food! and then for dinner we had "soul food" thanksgiving which was really cool to experience! It was mac and cheese, Barbacue chicken, ham, collared greens, buttermilk pie the list goes on! It was really cool to experience all these different thanksgiving traditions! and the buttermilk pie was pretty good!! Members kept on sending pies with us home but I definietly wasnt complaining!!:)) I love pies!! 
Anyways I love you guys!! Hope your all excited for christmas!! 
Have you heard of the new christmas video the church has out?? It is really good! It like 2 minutes long and talks about how Jesus Christ is the gift of christmas! Go check it out!:) 
Hermana Miles