Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 24, 2014 - Sweetwater, FL

So this week has been pretty hectic. We only have five weeks in this transfer and we are on the last week already and in about 15 days I will be hitting my 6 month mark! Isn't that crazy!! I can't believe that time is going toooooooo fast!!!! Anyways, So this week we had the Mission President come to our house with his wife to do interviews with us and to do cleaning checks. I was a little nervous I will admit. I felt like a General Athourity was coming over and I felt like there could not be a speck of dust on the floor! That mornning I saw a hair on the floor and I about freaked out on my companion hahah:) But I got over it. My mission presidents wife is so cute!! She baked us sugar cookies and they were delicious. So a funny story from this week. So our toilet has been having some serious issues. We don't know whats wrong with it but it just flushes SUPER slow. So Sister Anderson (The mission presidents wife) Needed to use the bathroom and I forgot to tell her about the toilet. So we were waiting and waiting for her and then finally she comes down and says, "Okay sisters, are you playing a trick on me!" Turns out she thought she had broken the toilet! and she was trying to use the plunger and everything but it didnt work! I felt soooo bad!! and then Presdient Anderson comes out of the interviews and Sister Anderson says, "Honey I have a job for you!" and I thought, oh no! dont ask him to  fix the toilet! Then she asked him to fix the toilet and I was like, "NOOOO!! We cant have the Mission President plunge our toilet!!!" I about fainted hahaha but it all worked out in the end with just a tad bit of embarressment. But anyways. We are working with a really cool family. We are mostly teaching the Dad and the daughter but hopefully we can have them all come to church! We are excited to see how things go! We just learned from the mission president that all of the sisters get to take part in the open house of the temple and none of the elders get too. Poor elders! But I am so excited!! I heard that there are like 10 foot chandiliers (might be an exaggeration) but you guys should look it up and see how beautiful it is! Especially with these floridian sunsets! :) Love you guys! Have a great week!


Hermana Miles

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18 2014-Sweetwater, FL

Happy Valentines day!!!! I hope you guys all a great one! Its kind of fun being a missionary during holidays because everytime you greet someone you can just be like heres a card and then just say, "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!" I think I must have said it like a million times that day. My companion must have thought I loved valentines day haha. So one day while we were knocking doors we ran into this lady who invited us in. It turned out that she had been baptized in our church before. But then she proceded to tell us about how she was also Jehovah Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic, Baptist and now she is protistant. Well I guess she couldn't decided:)This week we didn't have any investigators really commiting to church so we deciding to go knock on some potentials doors during round up. We knock on the first door at like ten oh clock and they come out all sleepy eyed saying, "Hey sorry we are asleep" Of course you have to act like this is the weirdest thing ever so that they feel bad so me and my companion where like, "REALLY!??? Oh man!?? Thats crazy! We are so sorry for ringing your doorbell four times and pounding on the door till you opened it. Sorry we didnt know you were asleep. But look at that! YOU'RE Awake now! You can come to church." It didn't really work though. Each one of them fell through so we decided to go and contact some people in the neighboorhood right next to the church to invitie them to come to church that day. We were going up to people and saying, "Hey want to come to church with us? Its in like five mintues you don't even have to change! You look great! Lets go! Right after you finish putting the grocerys away or washing the car." haha:) It was kind of fun! Me and my companion really tried to put that faith and dedication into the work we knew that we would receive blessings for trying our hardest to get people to church. What is the miracle you ask?? Well we didn't get any investigators to church that day BUT during a lesson in the evening with a potential investigator we had a really spiritual lesson and we found out that her son had just turned eight that day! and he wanted to stay for the lesson! He was playing a game on an ipad at first but slowly and surely he starting listening and then he would put little comments in here and there:) IT was really cool to see how much he was listening and really understanding:)  We definitaley know that this was a huge miracle from our Heavenly Father and we felt so blessed for it. Well Guys I hope you are doing fantastic!! you know I love you! Have a great week!!! and Happy late Valentines Day!! I hope it was fantastic!

Hermana Miles

P.S. So our next door neighboor knows we are mormon missionaries and he asked us how our valentiens day went and then he just laughed and said or lack thereof... No big deal I asked my companion to be my valentine and gave her a cookie anyways:D

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10 2014-Sweetwater FL

So this week you guys was not that exciting so this post won't be that long. My companion and I are starting to get in the rythm of things so our lessons are getting more and more unified which is good:) We have this new investigator who has two little boys and they are the cutest. One night we came a little bit too early and she had just put them to bed but the smallest one was deciding that we were too interesting for him to go to bed. He kept on coming out every five mintures during the lesson and I couldnt help but smile at how cute he was:) At one point he came out and start throwing things from our investigators bathroom and I knew I wasn't supposed to laugh but it was just too funny not to:) anyways that is pretty much the only funny thing I can think of that happened this week. We were walking and I saw this tall red headed kid  with a bunch of freckles which, let me tell you, is very unusual in a town where the street signs are in spanish and say calle cuba. So I was like where is this kid from and I go up to him and ask him if we could give him a card. Turns our he is studying to be a Catholic Priest! He was really nice to us and said he would look into the Book of Mormon and for sure call the number to get a free one. He seemed really interested and even asked us if we wanted to pray!! Which is unusal since we are ususally the ones asking people to pray. It was really cool and hopefully we will call the number. Little does he know though we are probably going to be the ones to deliver that for him haha:) and guys I found a little joke in the Book of Mormon!! So its in Alma 27:19 and it was talking about before in the chapter how Ammons joy was so great that he had collapsed and then in this verse it talks about how "and also the joy of Aaron and omner and himni" was truly great " but behold their joy was not that to exceed their strength. hahahahhahahha!:D do you get it? Okay maybe not. let me explain it. So in chapter 26 verse 11before aaron had just told his brother that maybe he was boasting too much. And when in the verse 27:19 it seems like his brothers are kind of going like, "come on ammon your such an exaggerater, we feel the joy too but we are not collapsing." :) anyways it just made them seem more human. I hope you guys understood all of that. If not...oh well sorry. Hope everything is goign great and you guys are all safe and happy:)
Hermana Miles
P.S. I have decided I do not like black beans and rice. I kind of miss my mexican food:)

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3 2014-Sweetwater, FL

This week, guys, was CRAZY!
I know I say that every week but this time I have crazy stuff:) So first off:) Our new investigator Joe is progressing so great!! He is the one that gave us the huge bag of cirgarettes! (which I have a picture of) and He came to church!! ALL THREE HOURS! and loved !:)) We are so excited to have him get baptized next week and he seems really solid. He has been having a little bit of trouble with quitting smoking and during gospel principles in church Joe made a comment about how he's been having a hard time and our recent convert Guillermo( the one baptized two weeks ago) commented and helped him out and encouraged him and gave him some really good advice!! It was so awesome to see these two people to be able to progress so much. So this Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and I was able to see Rena give her testimony. I have told you about rena. She and her husband JT got married and baptized  the first week I came out to Florida. I have been able to see them progress and even go to the Temple to do baptisms for the dead!:)) It was awesome to hear her testimony and here how much the gospel has blessed her life. It  really helped me to see how much the gospel is able to bless peoples lives. Rena and JT love the gospel so much that every week they bring someone new and now JT's brother is baptized too! they are such great missionaries. Also the next big thing....I GOT A NEW COMPANION!!! I took over my area again! but it went way better this time:) I wasn't as nervous and I am kind of glad I got to stay because I am really starting to love the members here. So her name is Sister Herrera and she is from TEXAS and she says y'all a lot which I could get used to:) hahaha she is half puerto rican and half mexican and it looks like I am going to learn a lot from her:) and I am so excited to be able to become a better missionary from all the things she  can teach me. The next little tiny news that is no big deal. I kind of might of gotten into a fender bender with a member while pulling out after church...haha hopefully they don't take my driving privileges away since my companion doesn't have a license because then we would be on bikes, but I dont think that they will do that:)  I will send you a guys a picture of the dent in the car. Honestly its not that bad and the District leader just laughed at me so it can't be that bad...right? :) Hope you guys had a great week and can't wait to hear how it went from your side:) Love you! Thanks for reading my posts!

Love Hermana Miles

P.S. Lets go do some good:)