Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014-Royal Palm Beach

This week has been a little harder than most but Heavenly father showed us little tender mercies to help push us along!We were sitting in the car praying ready to go out to harvest when we spot this lady and this man talking next to a car. We decide to go and OYM them and we give the guy a card but the lady was already in her car. We start walking and this lady jumps out of the car and asks for a card too. We turn around and give her a card and then ask her if she would like a prayer and she said yes!:) She had been having a really hard time last night because her son had tried to commit suicide and she didnt know what to do. We were an answer to her prayers!! She said she would call us later and have us come over to say a prayer with her son! She even spoke spanish so it was awesome to be able to pray and speak in spanish again!:) Heavenly Father definietly knew that we needed something to help us along! We are excited for the trunk or treat that  we will be having for our ward! Someone asked us to judge the costumes so we are supper excited for that!:)) Its been so cool to see how everyone decorates the outside of their houses here for any holiday!! I makes it a lot more interesting and exciting to see something different at houses! I never realized how important a place mat at the front of the door is until i started seeing like 100 per day hahaha:) Now whenever we come across a cool one, soft one, or one we havent seen, we get really excited! So this week the elders from our ward baptized this couple that had been investigating the church for years! they were practically mormon they just hadnt been baptized yet! They are so awesome and love the church so much! Their friends that introduced them to the church flew down to baptize them so it was a really special experience for them! You could really feel their happiness and we love them! Well thats all guys!:) I hope you have had a great week!

Hermana Miles

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014-Royal Palm Beach

So this week was seriously a trial of our faith week but God showed us in the end that if we keep diligent and endure to the end he will bless us. This week we had a really hard time finding anyone solid, but we would have little miracles here and there kind of like Heavenly Father telling us not to give up yet. So we kept diligent on working in our area and really trying to improve in our areas of weakness and then a miracle happened!
 We were sitting in church when this lady starts waving at me. Sacrament Meeting had already started so I just kind of quietly waved back pretending like I knew who she was. With coming to a new ward you see and meet new people every second so i just figured she was another member but I was thinking really hard, "Where have I seen here?!?" Until finally it clicked and I practically jumped out of my seat and gasped really loud! The people behind me must have thought i was crazy but I had just suddenly remember that she was a lady that we had OYMed while looking for a less active and she came in with her Husband! We were estactic! It was actually a miracle that we had even seen her because the less active we were going to see had their gate locked so we just left a card in their gate and were about to leave when we decided to knock some doors in the area. We knock into this really sweet old lady but she wasnt really interested but talked to us for like 15 min. so when we finallly got out we saw that the less active was pulling out of their driveway. We ran over to her house and got her attention and asked her if that less active lived there and turns out that he doesnt. so we asked her if she needed a prayer and she said YES!! She said she had actually really needed one at that time so we said a prayer and invited her to be baptized and to church and she said she would really consider it. She was soo nice she even gave us a lunchable that we think we supposed to be her lunch for work! It was really sweet of her!
 So when sacrament meeting finished we rushed over to her and asked her how she liked it and she had this big smile on her face!:) We are really excited to go and see her this week and see how her AND her husband can progress. We were so grateful for the miracles that Heavenly Father showed us this week. We realized later that if we had not had the feeling to go knock some doors and if the nice old lady hadnt talked to us for 15 min. we would NOT have met the lady!!! He truly is mindful of us and guides our lives more than we can even possibly imagine. I truly believe that if we are willing to give of our full heart mind might and strength He lifts our burdens for us when we believe we can not hold on any longer. He loves us. Thats what i learned this week. My Heavenly Father loves me and everyone else also. We are all his children and He loves us.

P.S. HAppy birthday to my BROTHER JORDAN!!:))

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014-Royal Palm Beach

This week was a little hard but as we kept diligent we were able to truly see miracles. We were harvesting one day and we had been harvesting for most of the day and we were towards the end of our night and we were feeling little down because we hadnt found anyone but Heavenly Father showed us a miracle. We OYMed a guy in his yard and said a prayer with him. he was pretty cool but said he was attending a different church. We continued walking down the street when we hear this lady running towards us yelling, Sisters! We were so surprised that someone was chasing us down! So she finally catches up to us and says she remembers the sisters that came by a year ago and they had said a prayer with her and she loved it and that right now she was going through a hard time at work so she really wanted another prayer. We were so happy and she said the prayer with her and she loved it and this morning she calls us!!! and asks for another prayer for guidance right before she goes to work and she loved it!! She said that she is definietly coming to church this sunday!! We are so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is willing to help us when we are in need. 
Other than that things are going good:) I went to our ward for the first time on Sunday and it was  really fun!:) Everyone seemed really nice so I am really excited to get to know them. Sorry this post is so short! Love you guys
Hermana Miles

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014-Royal Palm Beach

So this week guys i got transferred all the way up to STUART! I am in Royal Palm Beach now and man is it different! Since i have pretty much been in miami my entire mission it is so different to be here! This place is ginormous and people here are super rich. These houses are so beautiful!! Our house that we live in is amazing! I am so grateful for it since coming from the super ghetto house in Hialeah. My new companions name is Sister Jones and she is from Corona, California, which is cool to have a fellow californian as a companion. General conference was super good!!! I think it was the first time that i had written down actual questions and then i took a bunch of notes and I felt like they were answered!:) Things are doing good, We are excited to go out and work! You guys should go see the Meet the Mormons movie thingy! I heard that its supposed to be good:) This general confereence was my last one on the mission! Its crazy how fast time has gone by! I only have five more months which is super scary to me! But everything will be okay:) Love you!
Love Hermana Miles
p.s. sorry this time was super short! I didnt have a lot of time, next time I will tell you a bunch more stories is promise:)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 30, 2014-Doral South

So GOOD!!! This week has seriously been the best week of my mission! The Madriz Family got baptized!!!!! We are so happy for them! It was an amazing experience. They were so excited for it all and so many people came for the baptism!! Everyone in this ward loves them! During fast and testimony meeting all the members where thanking Heavenly Father for the family that was getting baptized, it was soo cute!!! We had SEVEN people getting baptized in total that day with our ward and the other ward and it was sooo hectic! We were trying to get the other wards baptism to hurry up so that we would have time for ours and their werent enough baptismal suits for everyone and the water in the font was gettign cold and we were not goign to have enough to time to fill it and we had to do the programs and etc. everyone was just sooo stressted. We were trying to print out the program for the Families baptism and the printer started just throwing out papers printing on the wrong side and we finally just freaked out and unplugged the printer and walked out of the printer room practically pulling our hair out!, right as we walk out some of the elders see our stressted out faces and look into the printer room and see that the printer had practically exploded and their were papers every where!! the elders where so scared of us! They asked us if their was anything they could do to help us and we were like, you can deal with this nonsense printer thingies, and we walked off. It was so hectic, but we were so grateful! their were so many blessings that day that we literally had no room to receive them!!(like seriously there was no room)
When the baptism was about to start the ligths in the whole church building went out! but no one was worried about it! The Madriz family had so much desire to get baptized it didnt matter what happened. We went ahead with the baptism and William was the first to be baptized and he had to step into the font and it was pitch black! and we had some members use their phones to shine light into the font! It was amazing I couldnt believe that they wanted to get baptized so bad that the were willing to get baptized in the dark! When William got baptized it was the most amazing thing ever. We felt the spirit so strong and he felt it too! He gave a hug to the member that baptized him and thanked him so much and started tearing up. It was amazing. He then waited for his wife to get baptized before going to go get changed and then the mom and dad watched as their daugther got baptized! It was so beautiful! This family deciding to all take this life changing decision and supporting one another and you could just feel the love and the happiness that they had!:) After the baptism the ward had made a small little luncheon for them and as we walked into the cultural hall we asked william how he felt and he started tearing up and saying, "I have no words, thank you" It was amazing! We love this family with all of our hearts and are so grateful we even had the blessing of being a little part of their conversion. We went to go visit them the next day and talking about the temple and how they can be sealed for eternity as a family in a year and William said how lucky they where to find the true church of Jesus Christ. They are AMAZING! that is why we were so sad when we heard that BOTH me and sister moffett are TRANSFERRING!!!! 
We couldnt believe it when we heard! I was so angry!! what is going to happen to our family? what is going to happen to Amelia and Javier and the members that need our help right now? I just kept on thinking about this over and over again, but then one of the sister missionaries told me, dont worry, God knows, He knows what hes doing, and then thats when i realized, Everything is going to be alright, everything is going to be just fine:) I was teaching all these people about relying on God in your trials you just have to let everything go and lean on him and I got an opportunity to finally practice what we preach:) So here goes another adventure!! of course i am so nervous i can hardly think! Where am i going?? Who am i going to be with?? But its okay:) Heavenly Father loves me! He knows me! He knows whats best for me! and that means that all i have to do is  work hard and leave the rest to him:) I love you guys!! I am excited to let you know where i end up!:)
I miss you! 
(this is me begging!)
Hermana Miles

Us with Yailae and Natalia. The elders baptized them this week but we helped teach them and their grandma (Milagros) got baptized last year and she's the best! We also help them with their homework once a week :) love them so much!

us with Yailae and Natalia after their baptism

Javiers little sister Jennifer!:) She is so cute! She showed us all her haloween costumes:)

Everyone in our district!:)) WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Me and Sister Moffett!:) I love this girl!! 

The family eating after the baptism in the dark:)

Amelia made us waffles for breakfast!:)) SSOO GOOD!:

September 22, 2014-Doral South

Guys!:)) I sent you some pictures so hopefully it will make up for the short blog post. So this week actually has been super crazy and exciting!! One day we were knocking doors and we actually had to call the police on someone! Turns out the guy was not doing good things (we dont really know much because the police didnt tell us anything) but they actually had to take the guy into custody so that was super exciting! and scary! but really more exciting than scary! And we are all fine so it was really just an exciting mission story to tell when I get back! The Madriz family is doing soooo awesome!:)) We love them to death!! they asked for a picture of a "mormon" Jesus and we went to a members and got one for them:) They loved it so much! They immediately stuck a nail into the wall and put it up so that you could see it right away when you enter the door! and the dad has already read all the was to Mormon, in the Book of Mormon! We were so surprised! They have so many friends at church already its incredible and of course everyone loves their daughter who is 5:) she is adorable! I sent some pictures of her! She is learning english so all she knows right now is, sit down, and stand up, its really cute!:)) So for our planners everyone in this mission goes all out and decorates them, so this elder had asked us to decorate his planner cover for him so we were like okay! So this elder super likes star wars and we were going through birthday cards listeing to the music on the inside (i super enjoy this time, its really sad how tired you get of Mormon tabernacle choir on your mission, I will never listen to it again in my life) and we found one with a star wars theme song and me and my companion looked at each other and said, "Best. planner. cover. ever." So basically we rigged it so that everytime he opens the planner the song turns on! Yes we will be famous throughout the whole mission now. No big deal. anyways I lovey ou guys!!!!!!!!
Hermana Miles
p.s. Dont ask how long it took us to make that planner cover...
p.s.s. We basically hate the star wars theme song now too because we had to listen to it a bajillion times while we were making it.

This is crazy Gabriella Madriz. She's the best.

Adriana and Gabriella. Adriana is getting baptized next week with her mom and dad! We love this family so so much!!!!

Adriana Madriz, Alejandra (17-year-old in our ward), me, Sister Miles, and Gabriella

This is Gabriella, the 5-year-old girl from the Madriz family. She likes to chill with us at church. She helped me lead the music in relief society and it was SOOO cute.

Us in the car. 

This is Amelia! Us in front of the church building. She's gorgeous :) can't wait till she finds an awesome Mormon husband!!