Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2, 2015-Palm Springs North

This week we were able to help Harold get baptized!!:) It was amazing! satan was definitely trying to stop him but Harold was so converted that he didn't let anything get in the way! His mom had a minor heart attack the night before his baptism but he still came and he said that after he got baptized he felt a lot better!:) and that everything was okay now!:) He is so amazing that he has his eyes set on the temple!! He asked at his baptism if a year from this date exactly was when he could go through the temple! The temple was his main goal and baptism was just a stepping stone for him! This week we have really tried to stay diligent and keep on working hard looking for those elect people in our area. We feel that as we create a strong vision that Heavenly Father truly will bless us with those miracle elect people and we stay faithful and obedient! This week I was reading in Mosiah 24 and it was talking about the people of Alma and how they were persecuted and they still stayed faithful! Its amazing what the Lord helps us accomplish and we truly give our whole heart might mind and strength.

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