Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015-Wellington

GUYS!!! Such a good week!! We were able to meet with cathleen a lot this week and she was able to stop smoking!! yay!! Miracle!!! It was amazing! sorry the email is going to be short this week! But another miracle that we saw was we were knocking doors and we ran into this boy and he asked us to come back when his family was there, so we did and we met his mom and said a prayer with her and turns out that we was a member! She was baptized when she was 17!! It was so crazy! Also we were knocking doors another day and this lady opens the door and gets this huge smile on her face and says," you are lds missionaries!! come in!!!" Man were we shocked at first! we were even a little hesitent to come in but then she explained that she is just down for the equestrian season and was a less active member but that it was funny that we just knocked because she was just reading her scriptures and sure enough right there on the table was a book of mormon!! MIRACLE!:)), did i tell you guys that wellington is like the polo capital of the world! I didnt even really know what polo was until i came here but now we see people playing it all the time! It is so cool!
Love you guys!!
Hermana Miles

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