Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014-Doral South

Hey guys!:)
Sorry this post is going to be a little short but I am including pictures so that should make up for it. This week we really learned the importance of Diligence!! We worked so hard this week and are pumped up and excited to see the miracle that are going to come from it. Amelia is doing soooo good!:) She is still looking for a job but she is reading every night and is so happy to see us every night!:) She has so much faith that it inspires us so much!! And Javier is improving also seems like his faith is growing every day and we are so proud of the progress he is making. We had stake conference this week and it was amazing!:) It was such a great spiritual experience and really lifted our spirits for the oncoming week! This week we went on exchanges and I went up to snapper creek with the STL (sister training leader) there and my companion sister moffett stayed! This was the first time for her taking over the area and she was so nervous! But she did AMAZING!:)) I was so proud of her!:) I felt like a mother bird watching her baby bird fly off for the first time! hahaha:) Anyways the exchange was super fun and interesting! Some of the investigators that they had were super interesting. So the STL Sister Bird warned me before we went into the lesson that this investigator was a little bit interesting. So we go in and he just starts saying the most difficult and biggest words I have ever heard in my life! I was just staring at him the whole time wondering if he was speaking English. Im pretty sure i looked super confused with my eyes just opened as wide as they can  be, trying to at least understand the simple words that he used like "Heaven" and "God" hahahaha. Anyways...Here are some pictures for you!!:)
 Hermana Miles

The STLS we went on exchanges with. They are super nice.

P.S. I got to see a family that I knew from my first area at the stake conference and I was so excited to see them!!:)) I love them sooo much!!! I took a picture with them!:D

P.S. So we had kind of a rough day because we had been knocking doors pretty much all day, so the last five minutes of the night we might or might not have gone and played on the swings at a park!

P.S.S. And we might have also played on the slide...

August 19, 2014-Doral South


It was amazing guys! So many obstacles came in the way of her getting baptized but we were able to hurdle over them and she loved the baptism!!! We are so proud of her  because she is going through some pretty rough stuff right now but we know that God is going to bless her for making the decisions to be baptized and especially that now she has our whole ward family to help her:) 
I have come to truly love this ward sooo much!!!! Everyone is so kind! One of the sisters brought a cake to celebrate my birthday this Sunday and it was so delicious!:))) They are so kind!!!
By the way! MY BIRTHDAY was awesome!!! First off! For District Training the elders kind of made it a little birthday party and they gave me a present and decorated the room! It was so nice of them. and then in the middle of district training, for a demonstration showing how we need the spirit there to guide us so that we can hit the goals that we want in our lives, they blindfolded me and directed me towards the gym. They told me that there was a pinata in there somewhere and gave me a stick and told me to try to hit it. But I couldn't because i had no idea where it was. and then they had my companion come and guide me to the pinata, so that i could know where it is and be able to hit it!:) I felt like i was at home with the pinata and it was so much fun to hit it!! ahaha then the sisters made me a cake and we celebrated after the district training:) 
Then on my actual birthday we had a zone conference and i got to see people that i hadn't seen in a long time!:) and we had a little dinner afterward! It felt like a little party made just for me.
But anyways!! Another transfer just passed!!! but me and sister moffett are staying since we are training right now! You don't know how much of a relief that was!:) Anyways sorry this one is a little short but i am going to send some pictures:)
Hermana Miles

On my birthday.

My cake.

Me wearing my fancy dress at the conference.

My piƱata.

My companion made this sign for me and put it outside.

gift from the elders

random gift from the elders

The sisters gave me this bag

and these earrings

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 11, 2014-Doral South

Guys this week! So many things!!!! SO!!! First off!! A MIRACLE!:)
So we are harvesting one day and we come across this house and it didn't have any cars in the drive way so usually if we are running kind of late we would just skip this house thinking no one is home (because no one here uses there garages for cars, its just extra stoage space, so if its not in the driveway there are usually not home) but we felt like we should just go and knock on the door anyways and this lady comes out and Sister Moffett starts telling her that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we have come to say a prayer for her, and she starts crying and crying. At first me and Sister Moffett felt super awkward we were like oh man! we are so sorry we didn't mean to make you cry! But she lets us in to saw the prayer and she tells us what happened:)
Her and her husband had both just lost there jobs that morning and she had only been home for like 10 min. and her husband decided to go out for a bit to go look for jobs or something and she had been praying just really frustrated, telling God that she doesn't know why this is happening to her, that shes been trying so hard but that she is done believing in God and if he wants her to believe in him, he has to send her a sign because she is done, and then right at that moment, "Knock, Knock, Knock" She opens the door and its us!!!!:))))
She felt the spririt so strong during the prayer!! and she told us that she had been taught by the elders 11 years ago but that it had just not been the right time, So we go to see her the next day and we were on exchanges with some other sisters so it was me and another sister that she didn't know and this sister asks her to prayer right there with us to know if this church is true and if this is the path that God wants for her right now and she did and guess what??
She gets up (because we were kneeling) and tells us, I think I have to get baptized guys!:))))) ahh!!! crazy! It was amazing!!! She is soo awesome! she reads  the book of Mormon every night!
Then Sunday comes and we go an knock on her door to remind her of church and she tells us. Im coming to church but I need a ride. So we were like okay we got this! you are coming to church no matter what!:) So we pretty much call every sister from the ward list and one after another after another tell us that they cant!!! We were so frustrated! There were only 30 minutes till church starts and it takes 15min. to drive there!! So we say a prayer begging Heavenly Father to help us and an idea pops into our heads of someone we can call and we call them and there return missionary son answers and says Yes!!!! AHH!! Sister Moffett and I were soooo happy!!! ( I have pretty much made a promise now that the first thing I do when I get back home is go straight to the missionaries and tell them, "I will drop whatever I am doing to get your investigators to church" hahaha) So She comes to church and SHE LOVES IT!!!! She had anxiety problems and she said she felt so much peace for the first time in a long time! and she is now preparing to be baptized for next week!!!!!! We love her so much!!!! She loves the fact that we call God, Heavenly Father because she says it just sounds so much more personal. We cant believe the miracle that God has given us with her:)
anyways! This last sunday was just craziness!!! We don't have a pianist in our ward so I pretty much play every sunday, but this sunday I really wanted to sit next to our investigator, so I had to run to the piano and run back to sit with her every time I had to play a song and I had just gotten a skirt from another sister that has little bells on it and you could hear it the whole time! so embarrassing !! ahah but at least I got to sit next to our amazing investigator!:)
Then this member had been after us for her Tupperware (she feeds us every Friday) for WEEKS!! So I had finally decided that this week that we were GOING to give it to her. So we are looking for her all over the chapel and finally we see her car starting to LEAVE the parking lot out side through the window  and I just start running outside and towards her car yelling, "Hermana!! Hermana!!" hahahha I think my companion was a little startled and had to follow me! I think pretty much everyone from church saw me but I was determined! So we finally reach her car and get her to stop and we are like a block down from the church!! haha:) I think we might of scared her a little, but thankfully I was in shape because of the 1 mile that we run every morning:) (I am so proud of myself hahahaha:D) The elders came up to us later and told us, "So Sister Miles I  think we are going to have you do a training on how to give the members back there Tupperware under what ever circumstances for next district training sound good?" -_- whatever elders....
So we were harvesting once again yesterday and we run into this lady and she is super nice and we are talking to her for a good while and then she says, "I don't judge anyone, I love everyone. I would love you guys even if you were Mormons." *me and my companion look at each other* and then I say, "Well actually that's good! Because we ARE Mormons:))" hahahaha I wish you guys could have seen her face! ahha:) but she was super nice after so its all good.
Also one last embarrassing and awkward story just to finish off this super awesome week!:))
So we were harvesting (once again)  and this young girl opens the door and then we see this little 4 year old boy just running as fast as he can down the stairs and he practically runs into us and gives me a HUGE Hug!! (around my stomach because he cant reach any higher) and then he gives my companion a hug! and we were super surprised and then we were like, that's cute!! So we say a prayer with his mom! everything is going good and then the little boy comes and hugs me again and starts kissing my stomach like I am his mom or something and then his mom trys to pry him off but he wont let go!! Most awkward moment of my life hahahaha, He was acting like my child but he was not my child. Anyways all you can do in those moments is just laugh your head off:)) with your the pouring rain...with no umbrella because you forgot it in the car like always....
anyways I love you guys!!!!!

Hermana Miles

P.S. Sister Moffett started driving and she was going sooooo slow!!!!! and I asked her, "So sister moffett how long have you been driving?" (Thinking it would only be a little bit) and then she says, "Five years" and then I was like ," Oh...okay, nevermind" ;)

P.S.S. Also I found out I have the same birthday day as Fidel Castro...Great...this is the perfect place to be for my birthday! Little Havana!
Sister Moffett wrote this for me!! so nice!! on our bathrrom mirror

a member sewing these super legit purses!!

At Javier's Baptism

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 4, 2014-Doral South

So guess what?? this week was soooo awesome!! So many good things happened!! Javier got baptized!!! It was so good!:) and his whole family came to support him so that was really nice!:) We are so excited to see if his family will progress and want to learn more. During the interview that Javier had to get before getting baptized we were just waiting in his home with his family and his Dad comes in with this GINORMOUS! TV!! and it was curved!! It was so fancy! The elders where there too and so were all looking at it while he was setting it up and it was so beautiful!:) All the missionaries where just in awe with this tv! hahaa and then super sad thing happened Javiers sister who is 11 came into the room crying:( She said that her bird had died! Siser Moffett and I had no idea what to do! We felt super awkward we didn't know how to comfort her so we went to go see the bird... and it was dead...and we didn't know what to do....( imean what are you supposed to do when that happens?? Start teaching the plan of salvation and explaining to her how I'm pretty sure the bird went straight to the celestial kingdom? Well I didn't think she would understand that so I just told her that the bird is probably super happy right now in heaven because he actually can fly all over now instead of being stuck in a cage) so we went back into her pink room and I started asking her all these random questions to try to get her mind of the dead bird in the back yard like "Whats your fav. color?" and "Who is your fav. Disney princess?" and pretty soon she was super happy and talkative so 1 for the win for me and sister moffett:) We officially got Javiers sister on our side. She invited us to her birthday party in 8 months so we are for sure best buds now:) Anyways:) the next big news is that MY SISTER HAD HER BABY!!:)))) He is the cutest:)) I was so excited about it all week I was like telling my companion everyday in the morning, what if my nephew was born right NOW?? haha:) I think she got tired of that one pretty soon:) but anyways:) I love you guys sorry its not that long this time but ive got pictures to make up for it:)
Hermana Miles
P.S. the photo of the empty parking lot is a bunch of visitor parking spaces that are empty which is a missionaries dream!! No for reals I actually have dreams about this!!:) haha
p.s.s. sorry my camera ran out of battery I will send the other pictures next week:)
p.s.s.s. and of course the only pictures that i had enough time to send you before my camera died was a picture of a frog i found outside:) ahaha your welcome
p.s.s.s.s.s welcome to florida:)

July 28, 2014-Doral South

So!!! Guess what guys!! We got a member referral! FROM THE BISHOP!! and he is the coolest person ever!! His name is Javier and him and his family are awesome! They came to church and they loved it so much! we should be going over to see them tomorrow and we are soo excited!! Javier has been having some health problems lately and the bishop told him about the church and taught him the plan of salvation (I know our bishop is a boss!) and he loved it!! So he has been listening to the discussions and he got a priesthood blessing and he has been gettign better!!:)) We are so excited for him!!!
Eugenia had to work again this week so she couldnt come to church but we stopped by and she was so excited to see us!!! I think that you dont really value a smile at the door as much as you do when you a missionary:) haha:) but anyways her mom was there and her mom was awesome!! She asked us a bunch of questions about how the church started and about Joseph Smith and we were able to teach her and we gave Eugenia a magazine about temples with pictures of them inside and she was so excited for it she practically yanked it out of my hands. 
So this week we had interviews with President Richardson and its the first time i have ever had an interview with him and it was so good!:) We love his wife and him they are so personable!! ITs awesome!!! I walked in and he asked me to say a prayer to start off the interview and then after he asked me, "Are you a little bit nervous?" and I was like, "Yeah maybe just a little bit..."  and then he said, "Yeah I noticed when you called me President Anderson twice in the prayer and when you greeted me." oops....but anyways hahaha things are going super good here:) Sister Moffett is doing  awesome!!! President asked us to only talk spanish one day and then only speak english the next day and yesterday we spoke only in spanish. Lets just say we really didnt have anything much to say yesterday haha:) sometimes i would forget and start speaking english and then like an hour later go, "Dang it! Espanol!" haha:) 
So I asked president if I could bring my ukelele and he said no:( saddest day of my life! But its okay no big deal...
So yesterday we went to go give a random guy on the street a card and he seemed super awesome and nice at firs and then he started talking about how 4 aliens have come to the earth and how they one of them looks human and how we are all born with a third eye and how his father was born in the same village as fidel castro and other crazy out of this world (no literally out of this world) stuff it was crazy. My companion sister moffett still have a hard time understand cubans so she didnt really undersatnd anything he was saying and just nodded and smiled the whole time and i am super bad at cutting people off so we stood there and listened to him talk for like 20 min! But he said he already had a Book of Mormon and we asked him to read it that night so hopefully he will read it:)
Anyways I love you guys!!:) The Gospel is True. Heavenly Father loves each on of his children. And the mission is both the hardest and the greatest thing!:) 
Love Hermana Miles
p.s. Everytime anything crazy happened I yell, "Its an apostasy!" and then sister Moffett finally asked me after like four weeks of that, "Do you actually understand what that means?" and I was like "yeah.....kind of...I guess not...." then she said, " you probably mean abomination because i dont think that you mean that everything thats bad means that christs church has left the earth...." hahahahha oh man! I love my daughter!(In the missionary lingo terms)  

July 21, 2014-Doral South

So this week was sooo awesome!!!! I have so many people to tell you about!! So, first off Eugenia!! She is sooo awesome!! This week she sent us a bunch of texts telling us to call her so we did and she was so excited to tell us that she had just learned that the temple in Fort Lauderdale was our temple! She told us how she is always passing the temple and she is just so drawn to it and she was especially drawn to the angel moroni on top. She says that she knows that God is trying to tell her something and he sent to angels to help her out:) We love her so much!!! and We took an awesome member with us on Saturday and they are like best friends now. And she said that she went to her work and said,  I have to get sunday off next week, two mormon girls came to my house to pray for me and they invited me to church so I have to go!:) Man!:) How I love  being one of those mormon Girls;) haha:)
Next!! Sarah and Mateo!! Man they are awesome!!! One of the mother and the other is the 12 yearold son who is AWESOME!!! (I might use the word awesome a little bit too much for this post but that is the only word to describe them) Mateo has such a desire to feel the spirit and we said a prayer with them and we asked him how he felt after the prayer and he said "fresh" :) My all time favorite answer I have EVER received haha:) and also they had been taught by missionaries before and Mateo said he rememerd them and felt like he could trust them and felt like they really knew there stuff ahha:) Oh man I hope he thinks we really know our stuff:) He even waves at us when he is playing soccer with his friends which I LOVE when that happens because it means hes not embarrassed to know us which is always an awesome thing to feel ahha:) but anyways...
Next!! Maibalis! She is so awesome! she started crying during the prayer and she asked us to come back before we even said anything which is pretty awesome words for a missionary to hear:) We taught her a bout the book of Mormon and she is sooo excited to learn more!:)
We have been seeing so many miracles in this area and I know it all comes from my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for his kindness and his love for me and for each one of his Children.
 So I was talking to one of our members (sister consuelo!! WE love her to death!! she is Nicaraguan and she is so nice and awesome!! she also is like the best member present ever) about how much i miss mexican food and then she asked me what I liked best and then wanting to sound super cool I said Menudo and then guess what she calls us a couple of days later and says, I have your menudo!:) SHE BOUGHT US MENUDO FROM A MEXICAN RESTAURANT!! MAN was I happy! I had my companion try it without telling her what it was and you should have seen her face when it went into her mouth hahahaha:) man she was a champ for swallowing it and not spitting it out:) such a proud mother (in missionary lingo that meeans mother=trainer) yesterday we went to a members house and she has a less active living with her and they started arguing about something to do with a tv falling on sombody and cleaning under the tv or something like that and Sister Moffett and me were right between them and it was soooo awkward...We just kind of looked at each other and tried our hardest not to laugh while they continued yelling at each other(with kindness of course) ahah:) 
So Sister Moffett was telling me a story about how in the MTC(missionary training center) she always mixed up Mujer and Mejor and I was like ohh how cute!:) and then we were talking to a member and I start saying how "Dios quiere lo Muje-" And I turn to my companion and I can just see her trying her hardest not to laugh! hahaha and I was like OH NO!! So now when ever I try to use the word Mejor it just comes out Mujer, yes, every. time. Great.
So Sister Moffett and I were in an area and we were harvesting and this lady from on of the apartments that we were kind of far aways from yells out hi!! and sister moffett looks behind her and around her and sees no one and goes "...Hi...." and then she yells to sister Moffett "I love you!!!" and then Sister Moffett does the same thing, looks all around her sees no one and says back "...I love you too!..." hahahha anyways we are going to go knock on their door this week and they are getting baptzied for sure! I mean they already love the missionaries!!
Well thats all folks!! The work is hastening, I feel like I could sleep for a year and feel like dancing and singing all at the same time!
Love Hermana Miles
P.S. A member comes up to us and hands me a botttle of hair stuff and says "here I bought this for you" I guess my hair was gettign a little bit too out of control hahaha the quote on the box says "Makes Scalp Feel Good" hahaaha Sounds good to me!
P.S.S. Sister Moffett has been getting eaten by mosquitoes!!! She had 30 bites on ONE LEG!!!