Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20, 2015-Wellington

This Week was AMAZING!!!! So many miracle happened!! Okay first off! OUR MISSION GOT A NEW ADDITION!! The southern part of the tampa mission, fort myers, has offically been added to our mission!!! 24 new elders and 6 new sisters!! ahh!! we are so excited to see them and have them be part of our mission. Actually funny story, when Elder Zwick came to our mission he had a conference with our mission and accidetnally let it slip that they would be part of our mission, this is how it went, "...So elders and sisters with the new addition of 30 new missionaries from Fort Myers (our mission president goes white with this surprised look of his face, everyone in the room gasps and starts whispering) Oh...*looks at president* they didnt know??*President shakes his head slowly* Oops" hahahahhaha:) So funny! anyways!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!
So The biggest miracle for this week is meeting Cathleen! So we were going to knock doors in an area that we had planned that was kind of on the opposite side of our area when all of a sudden we pull over and see this area that looks good, we figured we might as well knock some doors here and we see this lady outside playing soccer with her kids, we go and talk to her and wouldnt you know!!SHe had been taught by missionaries a couple of months ago but had been evicted out of her house and had moved to our area!!! She was so excited to see us!!! (especially because she didnt know there were girl version of elders)  and told us to come back!! We happily did so and miracle upon miracle just kept on occuring with her!:)) Her and her son came to church loved it!! and!! She ran into a doctor from our ward that had treated her son a year ago!!! She felt like this was a huge sign and new that this is the place she belonged! so yesterday we had a fhe at this ward members house and it went sooo amazing!!! The spirit was so strong there and the members bore there testimonies and everyone started tearing up!! Her son loves church and Cathleen says that she finally feels like she is in the place she is supposed to be around the people shes supposed to be around with! WE love her soooo much!!! We are so excited for her to see how she progresses!! ALSO!!! TAN, T'nari and T'naiyah came to church!!! They loved it!!!! We were so excited to see them there!!!! and they felt the spirit really strong and when we went back to visit them they said that they feel like this is where they should be right now:)!!!!
So in this area it been kind of hard finding people through our own efforts so my companion and I prayed about it and decided that we needed to help the members help us find the people that are waiting for the gospel in this area. We decided to start doing little member visits and sharing the first vision with them and asking them to pray about someone they could invite to church on Sunday!! Its been amazing to get to know the members more and to see them think of their family and friends they want to share this gospel with! I love this ward sooo much!! they are so amazing and so kind! and we have already been able to see how the members are starting to open their eyes to misisonary work! MIRACLES MIRACLES MIRACLES
 Hermana Miles
P.S. Hurrah for Isreal!:)

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