Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014-Wellington

 This week was awesome!! I got to see my lovely daughter( Mission lingo for someone I trained) Sister Moffett at a specialized training and it was so awesome to see her again!! All the northern Zones were together for a training and our mission president surprised us by allowing us to see Meet the Mormons! Which is such a good movie!! If you havent seen it i recommend that you do!:)) It was perfect!! All the Missionaries loved it! This week we had a miracle! We had been training on chapel tours during the beginning of the week by our district leader and we decided that we were going to get one. So we asked pretty much everyone we knew but no one was available to come. So we go and visit a Recent convert and she and her sister are just hanging out at home when all of a sudden my awesome cousin asks her sister if she is busy and wants to come on a chapel tour!! It was amazing! she came!! and she had a great experience! We really felt the spirit during the part we were in the sacrament room. 
Also that same recent convert brought one of her friends to church!! We were so excited to see her friend because the sisiters before us had been teaching her a bit but she had just gotten really busy. she was really sick though and so we asked her if she would like a health blessing and she said yes!! After church she looked so much better and even said she felt better!! Then we saw her later that night and she said that she wants us to meet her family!:)
anyways I dont have much time this week guys sorry! But I hope you have a great thanksgiving! LOVE YOU!
Hermana Miles

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014-Wellington

AHHH!!!! So guys I am offically in wellington! and I love it!!! The ward is sooo amazing! I dont think i have every seen such an amazing and missionary focused ward!!! and they made me feel super welcomed! My new companion is just amazing!!!! I cant believe how lucky i am! her name is sister walker!!! and she is awesome!!!! We have so much fun!! and of course work hard!:)
This week has been amazing we have seen miracle after miracle as we strived our hardest to follow the spirit and be guided by God. One specific experience was amazing!! We had just finished a lesson with an investigator and were about to get into the car when we felt like maybe we should go visit a Less Active near by. Earlier that day we had committed ourselves to oym every person to allow God to trust us enough to place people in our path. So we see this women sitting on her car on the telephone and we go up and ask to give her a card and also ask her if she would like a prayer. She immediately tells the person on the phone that she will call her back and looks at us and starts asking us why we came up to her and why are we walking this late at night around here and what made us come up to her? We told that we honestly didnt know but that we knew we needed to talk to her, Then she starts crying and telling us that God truly sent us to her. She had been having a horrible week. she is a single mother of a 4 year old and her car had died in the beginning of the week and so she had had to walk with her 4 year old 16 miles to school with her 4 year old and in total it was 32 for her. She also didnt have a job so she had just needed some help and support from God. We testified to her telling her that we knew we were sent to here! We said a prayer with her and the spirit was so strong! I coudlnt believe it. you could just feel so strongly how much our Heavenly Father loved her, his daughter, at this  time. It was amazing!
Also we were knocking doors and knocked into this kid named daquan! Man he has such hi desires!! We read moroni 10 with him and he just wanted to keep on reading!!! and just kept on saying how excited he was for his baptism!!!
Also! We got a referral from these other missionaries, we show up and out comes this HUGE 6'3 guy!!! (keep in mind that I am 5'1 and my compaion is 4'11)  He is actually a football player for a professional team and is on the offensive line! We said a prayer with him and he seems like he has really high desires too, he was really nice! Me and my companion where just thinking of how our baptism picture would look like with two short girls and this football player:D hahaha
anyways I have had an awesome week! hope you guys have had one too!:)) I love you so much!!!!!
Hermana Miles

P.S. Me and My companion and an awesome Jamacian lady in our ward who just recently got baptized!! She is so awesome! I might be using the word awesome too much this week...

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014-Royal Palm Beach

CThis week was amazing. Heavenly Father was blessing us for our patience this week! We were knocking doors when we ran into this lady that we had OYMed (Open Your Mouth) before! she had loved the prayer we said with her before and wanted us to come see her son but we hadnt gotten her number, so we were knocking doors when my companion felt inspired to go and knock on this one door, This lady opend the door and is sooo excited to see us! Turns out that she doesnt even live there but that she works there as a nurse aid. it was a miracle that we were able to knock on her door of where she works! She was so excited to see us and immediately told us, "wait just 15 min. I can get off of work and drive you to my home and introduce you to my son." It was amazing we said a prayer with her son and he accepted baptism!! I was truly a miracle!! We couldnt believe it!! and the first lesson we had with him was amazing! He talked about how he had had mormon friend before and had always wanted to read the book of mormon but had never asked for one!! He said that he already knows that his Book is going to bless his life! miracle upon miracle!
Also this is transfer week soooo......I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!! AHH!!!! So we live with other sisters that have an area close to ours so on the transfer call it said, "Sister Miles: Transfer...across the hall!" I couldnt believe it! I already know my companion! Her name is sister Walker and I had already lived with her for two transfers and I love her!!! She is from Idaho!! and I dont even have to pack my stuff just literally move it across the hall!:)) I feel so much peace about this decision and this upcoming transfer we are just so excited to be companions and to get to work!:)) when we found out me and her jumped up and hugeed each other and were just screaming!!:)) God is real and he is so kind! He knows our desires our wished, what we want to accomplish, He wants us to be happy, he loves us so much! More that we can imagine! Just Hold tight to that iron rod and "continue in patience until ye are perfected" (D&C 67:13)
Love you guys!!
Love Hermana Miles

Me and my new companion

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014-Royal Palm Beach

This week was good! We saw some amazing miracles with less actives. We had set up an appointment to go visit this less active, we show up on sat. and he doesnt look too happy to see us but he lets us in, we talk to him get to know him a little bit and he says how he grew up in the church but that he kind of fell away from the church when he was 18 and had a problem with the word of wisdom and wasnt going to be coming back to church. So we asked him if we could say a prayer with him and he was like, thats fine, and sister jones, my companion, left an amazing prayer and she finishes and he is crying, we had no words, it was just silent for a little bit, it was amazing we know for sure he felt the spirit and afterwards he said, "I need to make it back to church" and he is going to let us come over again! We are so excited just to help one of Heavenly Fathers children return back to the fold and also his family are not members! We hope Heavenly Father will truly guide us in what we need to do for him:) also we were visiting this less active lady that we hadnt seen since my first week in the area and she was soooo nice!!! We are going back this week to go help her out with her back yard! We are super excited!! Truly we have been searching and searching for opportunities of service that we could give to members and non members and God has been blessing us with these opportunities to help his children! We even got to paint a house this week which was super fun!!! Who Knew! haha:) 
I hope you guys had an awesome Halloween!! We had an awesome trunk or treat at the church for our ward and it went really well! We got to judge the costumes and i loved it!!!! 
So for halloween we were asked to go home early, so i had bought some candy to pass out to kids because i was so excited!!! I pass out candy to like three kids when all of a sudden the door bell rings and these 14 yr. olds are outside, I open the door all excited! say, "Happy Halloween!" and they take all of my candy!! all of it!! I just stood there frozen! I didnt know how to tell them only to take one candy! So I just waved at them goodbye and said, "have a good night..." I was so devastated that i had to have my companion tell the other little kids that came to our door that there was no more candy, haahaha I felt too bad!:) haaha but after a while i got over it! I guess now i know for next halloween! 
Love you guys!! hope you didnt eat to much candy!
Hermana Miles