Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015-Palm Springs North

This week was one of the most amazing weeks in my mission.
First off, I got transferred back to Miami/ Hialeah area!!! Palm Springs North!! Its an English ward and I absolutely love it!! Also my new companion is sister king and I love this girl so much!! We both got transferred into the area together so we are so brand new! It was so crazy!!! We literally didn't know anything! We didn't even know where our house was!! So we had to get the address to our house but it wasn't working in my GPS so we had to go to the mission office to ask them to print out directions for us to our house, so we finally get the directions and we driving and I notice that we are starting to pass one of my old areas and I'm like I didn't think our area was this far south and then our directions send us to a business address!! and we were so lost and we were like, "What are we going to doo!?? We are so lost in Hialeah!" So we call our Zone leaders and they give us the address to the church that is close to our house so we go to the church and have to figure out where our house is from there -_- so stressfull!! Heavenly Father was helping us so much with that!!! Anyways so we finally get to our area and both of us are brand new and we are like well okay! lets go! So we are just running around trying to figure out our area for about two days! I felt like I was running around with my head cut off for about two days but then that's is right when Heavenly Father came in with all the miracles!!!
We got a referral from some other sisters for this guy and we went to go see them and he turned out to be sooo elect! but he was YSA age so we had to pass him but we knew that God was preparing awesome miracles for us.
We got a Media Refferal from someone that referred themselves  and we went to go see them and it is someone that had been taught a while ago and was going to get baptized but then decided not too and decided that he wanted to start preparing for baptism!!! He is 77 yr. old and is the cutest old man ever! We love him so much and even came to stake conference this Sunday!:D
So we then had stake conference this Sunday and I was really excited because I knew that my old wards where going to be there and that my recent convert the madriz family might be there! So I was so excited to go I enter the chapel and the first thing I see is the madriz family all sitting together on one of the front pews! I practically run to them!!! We were so excited to see each other and my heart was so full that I felt like crying from pure happiness!! Then later on in the meeting they called their names (the father and the son) to have them stand up to have people sustain them because they are getting the melchezidek priesthood!!!  I was so happy my heart was just overflowing!! and then!! A seventy came to our stake conference and was giving a talk and all of a sudden he asks MY recent convert to come up and bare his testimiony!!! That testimony was seriously the highlight of my mission! It made everything worth it! Everything! To see that someones life was changed so dramitcally and how much he understand how the gospel had truly changed his life! and then he hugged a seventy!! My RECENT CONVERT IS FRIENDS WITH A SEVENTY NOW! ah!!!! And then the seventy said that he had asked the family when they are getting sealed and they said that in  September is their goal to get sealed as a family!! And then afterwards I got to see all the members I knew from doral! I love them so much!! they all have my heart!! and one of the less actives that I worked really hard with in doral came to stake conference and is finally getting the melchezidek priesthood too! I knew that my Heavenly Father sent me to this area so that I would be able to go to this stake conference and see all of this and see all of the people I knew in doral! It was amazing! I am so grateful for the blessings my Heavenly Father has given me by allowing me to see all of these things! I felt the spirit so strong and I know that I was sent here for this family and all these other people! and I know that I will have an eternal relationship with them! And I plan on coming back for their sealing:) I am so excited!!
The ward that I am in right now is amazing I love them! :)
Hermana Miles
P.S. Hurrah for Isreal:)

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