Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28 - Sweetwater, FL

So guys it's that time of the week again!
Once again not much this week sorry:( So I went on transfers this week and I went up to Pembroke Pines! It was fun! I was also able to see the temple. It is GORGEOUS you guys!! You wouldn't believe! So do you guys remember that part in Dirty Dancing (the movie) where the sister is singing that song for the talent show and she is singing about a pretty baby?? Well if you haven't go watch the movie. We have that song sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on a cd since obviously its like the best song ever! Me and my companion have been listening to it on replay this WHOLE WEEK! I may or may not be getting a little tired of it, But it is pretty awesome that I can now sing the whole song by memory even with the little music solo in the middle. Okay enough of that haha sorry. So this week we had district training and my District Leader talked about the Book of Mormon. GUYS read 2 Nephi chapter 33! It changed my whole perspective on the Book of Mormon. It talks about how if you believe in Christ believe in these words. I can see Nephi right now in  my mind saying these words and it is just amazing to me. Anways...we had a Ward talent show for the Spanish ward and we were invited and it was like the funnest thing ever! Who knew you could have this much fun at ward activities. It was so awesome to see the talent that these people had and it just makes you love them even more for them willing to not be afraid and show others their talents. Also another really cool experience that I had was with opening my mouth and asking people if we could say a prayer with them. There was this couple across the street and I like ran across the street dodging cars, and practically yelled " Hello! I am Sister Miles!!!" So that they wouldn't run away from my companion and me! Haha it was the best. But even better after the prayer the guy said, "I asked for you guys" It was so special that our loving Heavenly Father is allowing me to be guided to help his children that he loves so much! Anyways, I love you guys! whoever is out there reading this! I will try to take lots of pictures and send them your way next week:) 

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21 - Sweetwater, FL

Hey guys!!:) 
This week wasn't that excited. I got to go to Chile's! An investigator took me and my companion. OH! and there was a wedding and a baptism of a couple called Rena and JT! They were the cutest! I loved it so much! I had never been to like an actual wedding so it was really cool to see! It was like just in the movies!! WHO KNEW!! Anyways their baptism was really special. They are awesome. So my companion and I go play basketball every morning for exercise and I am getting pretty good guys! Watch out WNBA! WOOH! Just kidding you guys should already know that I am like the absolute worst but it's okay it's really fun to do instead of just running. And plus we have become like best friends with the guy that opens the gates in the morning so we don't have to jump the fence anymore...not like we did in the beginning...Haha:) Anyways. This week has been awesome! We had a mission conference with Dallin H.Oaks! It was so awesome. It was like a celebrity was here. It was so cool I got to shake his hand! I GOT TO SHAKE THE HAND OF AN APOSTLE OF GOD! It was crazy! anyways...There was an investigator that started coming to church because she watches the SHAYTARDS on youtube! It was really cool! Someone should go email them and tell them good job on the missionarywork:) Well that's pretty much it guys. This week wasn't that exciting. Maybe next week will be more exciting. So SHOUT OUT TIME!! WOOT WOOT!! AMY (not my own cousin  but the other amy) WROTE ME!! Maybe I shouldn't shout out everyone who writes me, maybe that will encourage them not to write me, hm... haha oh well. Love you guys!! WRITE ME!
Love Hermana Miles, Doing the Lords work one knock on the door at a time.
p.s. Dogs are evil.

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14 - Sweetwater, FL

 Ladies and Gentleman this week has been insane craziness! Its crazy what has happened! Okay here goes. So first off I have officially been chased by an angry ( really angry) Dog! It was so scary! So we were in the trailer park and there is always this stray dog there and it was night and we where walking from an investigators house to our car and this dog started barking and running towards us. Of course me being me and I run for the car leaving my companion to fend for herself ( hey survival of the fittest right?) and then I like take my bag off my shoulder while I am running, put it behind me so that the dog would bite my bag instead of my ankles. My companion jumped on top of someone's car and screams. It was so scary! Finally this guy took pity on us and started yelling at the dog to stop but I thought I was going to DIE!! So we had this golden investigator that seemed really cool and we were so excited. Turns out the next lesson we had with him he had researched all this stuff online and got anti-mormon stuff and was telling us all this stuff about how we should research our own religion and about polygamy and we need to search these things on our own and all this crazy stuff, it was so sad!:( It really broke my heart but just talking with my companion really helped me through it and helped me to see that we just have to testify of the spirit and of the truthfulness of the gospel that we believe ourselves and that is all that we can do for these people. Next, we where harvesting again (we have to harvest for an hour every day) and we where praying with this kid that seemed like 15 and he seemed like he was really liking the prayer and accepted it and everything and then like in the middle of the prayer this lady shows up yanks the door our of this kids hand says no! and then slams the door in our face while my companion was in the middle of the prayer. It was intense! It was really disheartening and I almost cried a little bit I will admit but it all turned out okay because listen to this guys! I GOT MY FIRST BAPTISM! IN TWO WEEKS!! I was James! the kid I told you about last week! It was so amazing he is like such a little kid its so cute! I will send pictures. They had to dunk him twice because his knee came up the first time. He kept on saying he was scared that the missionary that baptized him was going to drop him. I was so happy for him and how much his life has changed. He said he felt stronger after the baptism and felt like an NFL player. How cute!! anyways. I love you guys. Shout out to Colton for saying "sup" no one else is emailing me -_- I see you guys, reading my blog and not worries. Haha Just kidding :) Love you, Hermana Miles.
P.S. My sister got married on SATURDAY GUYS!! Isn't it exciting!! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7 - Sweetwater, FL

Okay guys I am so excited about this week!! 
So this week we went on exchanges with the Sister training leaders and it was such a cool experiance! I loved it. I left my area and went to pember pines( i think thats how you spell it) for the day with sister bean! she was so nice and she was so outgoing and cool I loved her!!:) Her area is full of like really really wealthy peopel so we went harvesting in her area and people where a little mean haha but its okay it just made me really gratefull for my area. Also we kept on having really bad luck knocking on doors everyone kept of saying no and closing there door but sister bean was like "we prayed about this area and we are here for somebody" so we kept on going and then we found this one guy, Carlos Lopez. It was crazy he was an inactive member because his second wife had asked him to leave the church so he did but he still read his scriptures and everything and he still had the book of mormon so he really still seemed to believe in it. the crazy thing was though that he didnt even live in that house. he was just doing some construction work there. Its crazy how our heavenly Father works. Also later that day we had dinner in a members home. the food was so good!!!! The father of the family isnt a member and he used to not talk to the missioanries at all he like hated him but the sister missionaries in that area have been working really hard and he now loves them  and has them over all the time. he was so funny and he was such a cool guy and i know that he would make a such great member of the church so i am excited to see what happens with that. So I went back to my area that next day and it was just like miracle day. there is this thing where we try to talk to as many people as possible and its called open your mouth (OYM) and we set goals of how many we are going to try to get that day. It so crazy we met this guy this one day from the OYM and his name is Israel he is so cool!! He is on probation and he went to jail for 3 months but he had such a great attitude about it. He was saying that being sent to jail was good for him and changed his life. He just wants to get closer to christ now. He had such a laid back personality and we was so sincere about it! He also has the most beautiful eyes ever!!!!! Everyone here has gorgeous eyes! its crazy they are like blue, green, grey they are all so pretty! anyways we also met this other guy from OYM's named james. He is a18 years old and had been smoking and for the past  couple years and he seemed like he really wanted some help. We were able to help him stop smoking cold turkey ( i think thats how you say it) and he came to general conferance and i think he really like it. Also we have this guys named Elio, he seems to be really interested and really wants to get baptized. I am so excited for all these people and how much there lives are going to change! Well thats all i have for you guys. 

But seriously if you are reading this PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! ( don't leave me hanging!!
Love you guys:) 


P.S. I think me and my companion seriously heard gunshots outside our window last night. No big deal right? haha GOD LOVES US! AND EVERYONE ELSE!:)

P.P.S. My companion got bit by a dog!!!! It was crazy we were praying for  a lady and then her dog was trying to get out and my companion was trying to keep it in and she got bit on her finger! It was crazy she was bleeding a lot but thankfully it wasnt like so horrible that she is going to lose a finger. but yeah I was like in shock like did that seriously just happen! It was crazy. missionary life right here.

Pictures from the MTC.  Sorry they're late!