Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July 21, 2014-Doral South

So this week was sooo awesome!!!! I have so many people to tell you about!! So, first off Eugenia!! She is sooo awesome!! This week she sent us a bunch of texts telling us to call her so we did and she was so excited to tell us that she had just learned that the temple in Fort Lauderdale was our temple! She told us how she is always passing the temple and she is just so drawn to it and she was especially drawn to the angel moroni on top. She says that she knows that God is trying to tell her something and he sent to angels to help her out:) We love her so much!!! and We took an awesome member with us on Saturday and they are like best friends now. And she said that she went to her work and said,  I have to get sunday off next week, two mormon girls came to my house to pray for me and they invited me to church so I have to go!:) Man!:) How I love  being one of those mormon Girls;) haha:)
Next!! Sarah and Mateo!! Man they are awesome!!! One of the mother and the other is the 12 yearold son who is AWESOME!!! (I might use the word awesome a little bit too much for this post but that is the only word to describe them) Mateo has such a desire to feel the spirit and we said a prayer with them and we asked him how he felt after the prayer and he said "fresh" :) My all time favorite answer I have EVER received haha:) and also they had been taught by missionaries before and Mateo said he rememerd them and felt like he could trust them and felt like they really knew there stuff ahha:) Oh man I hope he thinks we really know our stuff:) He even waves at us when he is playing soccer with his friends which I LOVE when that happens because it means hes not embarrassed to know us which is always an awesome thing to feel ahha:) but anyways...
Next!! Maibalis! She is so awesome! she started crying during the prayer and she asked us to come back before we even said anything which is pretty awesome words for a missionary to hear:) We taught her a bout the book of Mormon and she is sooo excited to learn more!:)
We have been seeing so many miracles in this area and I know it all comes from my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for his kindness and his love for me and for each one of his Children.
 So I was talking to one of our members (sister consuelo!! WE love her to death!! she is Nicaraguan and she is so nice and awesome!! she also is like the best member present ever) about how much i miss mexican food and then she asked me what I liked best and then wanting to sound super cool I said Menudo and then guess what she calls us a couple of days later and says, I have your menudo!:) SHE BOUGHT US MENUDO FROM A MEXICAN RESTAURANT!! MAN was I happy! I had my companion try it without telling her what it was and you should have seen her face when it went into her mouth hahahaha:) man she was a champ for swallowing it and not spitting it out:) such a proud mother (in missionary lingo that meeans mother=trainer) yesterday we went to a members house and she has a less active living with her and they started arguing about something to do with a tv falling on sombody and cleaning under the tv or something like that and Sister Moffett and me were right between them and it was soooo awkward...We just kind of looked at each other and tried our hardest not to laugh while they continued yelling at each other(with kindness of course) ahah:) 
So Sister Moffett was telling me a story about how in the MTC(missionary training center) she always mixed up Mujer and Mejor and I was like ohh how cute!:) and then we were talking to a member and I start saying how "Dios quiere lo Muje-" And I turn to my companion and I can just see her trying her hardest not to laugh! hahaha and I was like OH NO!! So now when ever I try to use the word Mejor it just comes out Mujer, yes, every. time. Great.
So Sister Moffett and I were in an area and we were harvesting and this lady from on of the apartments that we were kind of far aways from yells out hi!! and sister moffett looks behind her and around her and sees no one and goes "...Hi...." and then she yells to sister Moffett "I love you!!!" and then Sister Moffett does the same thing, looks all around her sees no one and says back "...I love you too!..." hahahha anyways we are going to go knock on their door this week and they are getting baptzied for sure! I mean they already love the missionaries!!
Well thats all folks!! The work is hastening, I feel like I could sleep for a year and feel like dancing and singing all at the same time!
Love Hermana Miles
P.S. A member comes up to us and hands me a botttle of hair stuff and says "here I bought this for you" I guess my hair was gettign a little bit too out of control hahaha the quote on the box says "Makes Scalp Feel Good" hahaaha Sounds good to me!
P.S.S. Sister Moffett has been getting eaten by mosquitoes!!! She had 30 bites on ONE LEG!!! 

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