Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 4, 2014-Doral South

So guess what?? this week was soooo awesome!! So many good things happened!! Javier got baptized!!! It was so good!:) and his whole family came to support him so that was really nice!:) We are so excited to see if his family will progress and want to learn more. During the interview that Javier had to get before getting baptized we were just waiting in his home with his family and his Dad comes in with this GINORMOUS! TV!! and it was curved!! It was so fancy! The elders where there too and so were all looking at it while he was setting it up and it was so beautiful!:) All the missionaries where just in awe with this tv! hahaa and then super sad thing happened Javiers sister who is 11 came into the room crying:( She said that her bird had died! Siser Moffett and I had no idea what to do! We felt super awkward we didn't know how to comfort her so we went to go see the bird... and it was dead...and we didn't know what to do....( imean what are you supposed to do when that happens?? Start teaching the plan of salvation and explaining to her how I'm pretty sure the bird went straight to the celestial kingdom? Well I didn't think she would understand that so I just told her that the bird is probably super happy right now in heaven because he actually can fly all over now instead of being stuck in a cage) so we went back into her pink room and I started asking her all these random questions to try to get her mind of the dead bird in the back yard like "Whats your fav. color?" and "Who is your fav. Disney princess?" and pretty soon she was super happy and talkative so 1 for the win for me and sister moffett:) We officially got Javiers sister on our side. She invited us to her birthday party in 8 months so we are for sure best buds now:) Anyways:) the next big news is that MY SISTER HAD HER BABY!!:)))) He is the cutest:)) I was so excited about it all week I was like telling my companion everyday in the morning, what if my nephew was born right NOW?? haha:) I think she got tired of that one pretty soon:) but anyways:) I love you guys sorry its not that long this time but ive got pictures to make up for it:)
Hermana Miles
P.S. the photo of the empty parking lot is a bunch of visitor parking spaces that are empty which is a missionaries dream!! No for reals I actually have dreams about this!!:) haha
p.s.s. sorry my camera ran out of battery I will send the other pictures next week:)
p.s.s.s. and of course the only pictures that i had enough time to send you before my camera died was a picture of a frog i found outside:) ahaha your welcome
p.s.s.s.s.s welcome to florida:)

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