Monday, August 25, 2014

August 19, 2014-Doral South


It was amazing guys! So many obstacles came in the way of her getting baptized but we were able to hurdle over them and she loved the baptism!!! We are so proud of her  because she is going through some pretty rough stuff right now but we know that God is going to bless her for making the decisions to be baptized and especially that now she has our whole ward family to help her:) 
I have come to truly love this ward sooo much!!!! Everyone is so kind! One of the sisters brought a cake to celebrate my birthday this Sunday and it was so delicious!:))) They are so kind!!!
By the way! MY BIRTHDAY was awesome!!! First off! For District Training the elders kind of made it a little birthday party and they gave me a present and decorated the room! It was so nice of them. and then in the middle of district training, for a demonstration showing how we need the spirit there to guide us so that we can hit the goals that we want in our lives, they blindfolded me and directed me towards the gym. They told me that there was a pinata in there somewhere and gave me a stick and told me to try to hit it. But I couldn't because i had no idea where it was. and then they had my companion come and guide me to the pinata, so that i could know where it is and be able to hit it!:) I felt like i was at home with the pinata and it was so much fun to hit it!! ahaha then the sisters made me a cake and we celebrated after the district training:) 
Then on my actual birthday we had a zone conference and i got to see people that i hadn't seen in a long time!:) and we had a little dinner afterward! It felt like a little party made just for me.
But anyways!! Another transfer just passed!!! but me and sister moffett are staying since we are training right now! You don't know how much of a relief that was!:) Anyways sorry this one is a little short but i am going to send some pictures:)
Hermana Miles

On my birthday.

My cake.

Me wearing my fancy dress at the conference.

My piƱata.

My companion made this sign for me and put it outside.

gift from the elders

random gift from the elders

The sisters gave me this bag

and these earrings

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