Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July 28, 2014-Doral South

So!!! Guess what guys!! We got a member referral! FROM THE BISHOP!! and he is the coolest person ever!! His name is Javier and him and his family are awesome! They came to church and they loved it so much! we should be going over to see them tomorrow and we are soo excited!! Javier has been having some health problems lately and the bishop told him about the church and taught him the plan of salvation (I know our bishop is a boss!) and he loved it!! So he has been listening to the discussions and he got a priesthood blessing and he has been gettign better!!:)) We are so excited for him!!!
Eugenia had to work again this week so she couldnt come to church but we stopped by and she was so excited to see us!!! I think that you dont really value a smile at the door as much as you do when you a missionary:) haha:) but anyways her mom was there and her mom was awesome!! She asked us a bunch of questions about how the church started and about Joseph Smith and we were able to teach her and we gave Eugenia a magazine about temples with pictures of them inside and she was so excited for it she practically yanked it out of my hands. 
So this week we had interviews with President Richardson and its the first time i have ever had an interview with him and it was so good!:) We love his wife and him they are so personable!! ITs awesome!!! I walked in and he asked me to say a prayer to start off the interview and then after he asked me, "Are you a little bit nervous?" and I was like, "Yeah maybe just a little bit..."  and then he said, "Yeah I noticed when you called me President Anderson twice in the prayer and when you greeted me." oops....but anyways hahaha things are going super good here:) Sister Moffett is doing  awesome!!! President asked us to only talk spanish one day and then only speak english the next day and yesterday we spoke only in spanish. Lets just say we really didnt have anything much to say yesterday haha:) sometimes i would forget and start speaking english and then like an hour later go, "Dang it! Espanol!" haha:) 
So I asked president if I could bring my ukelele and he said no:( saddest day of my life! But its okay no big deal...
So yesterday we went to go give a random guy on the street a card and he seemed super awesome and nice at firs and then he started talking about how 4 aliens have come to the earth and how they one of them looks human and how we are all born with a third eye and how his father was born in the same village as fidel castro and other crazy out of this world (no literally out of this world) stuff it was crazy. My companion sister moffett still have a hard time understand cubans so she didnt really undersatnd anything he was saying and just nodded and smiled the whole time and i am super bad at cutting people off so we stood there and listened to him talk for like 20 min! But he said he already had a Book of Mormon and we asked him to read it that night so hopefully he will read it:)
Anyways I love you guys!!:) The Gospel is True. Heavenly Father loves each on of his children. And the mission is both the hardest and the greatest thing!:) 
Love Hermana Miles
p.s. Everytime anything crazy happened I yell, "Its an apostasy!" and then sister Moffett finally asked me after like four weeks of that, "Do you actually understand what that means?" and I was like "yeah.....kind of...I guess not...." then she said, " you probably mean abomination because i dont think that you mean that everything thats bad means that christs church has left the earth...." hahahahha oh man! I love my daughter!(In the missionary lingo terms)  

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