Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 14, 2014-Doral South

So I got my new companion!! she Is AWESOME!!! Her name is Sister Moffett!!! she is from clearfield Utah!!!! I was super scared at the transfer meeting and I couldnt even go and meet the new trainees so i just sat down and waited until it started and they told me who i was getting!! MAn was i nervous! and also two of my old companion (sister johnson and sister Hansen) finished there missions and went home during that transfer meeting so it was so heart wrenching to tell them goodbye! Man I love those girls! But the good thing is I willl be living close to them when I go back to school!:) But anyways My new companion is so chill! I love it!! It is exactly what i needed because sometimes I just become the worst stress ball ahha:) But anyways things are going to good with me and her!:)
Also SOFIA GOT BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED!!!! It was an amazing experience!!! Her mom went all out for the baptism!! (I am including some pictures) and it was so cool! So many of her family and friends came!! It was a big event!! and Sofia was soooo excited:) She had the hugest smile on her face the whole time!! and when she came out of the water she had this amazing smile on her face!!! I hope I never forget that moment! so i tried to take a mental picture of it!:) but anyways Her Dad was able to baptize her so it was such a good experience for the whole family!  We all love Sofia so much!!! Anyways not much else to add sorry but I am positive me and sister moffett will have a story to tell next week:)
Love Hermana Miles
P.S.S. All the Argentinians here were so sad!
P.S.S.S. I added all the pictures of the little reception after the baptism for you Mom!! I thought you would appreciate it:) haha:)
I think i took more pictures of food than actual bad...

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