Monday, June 2, 2014

May 27, 2014-Miami Shores North

Okay guys guess what???
I am transferring!!!!!!!
I am going to miss my companion sister Hansen so much!!! Me and her got a long really well and I love her to death!! Even though she has given me a heart attack multiple times by scaring me at night!!!
I cant believe it!! this is really unusual!!! I have only been here for six week and I am moving again!! But the up side to this is that I have officially become a packing master!
I will let you know where I will be going next week!
So this week was fun!!!!
So we went to out to eat with a member because it was her birthday and what a better way to spend your birthday than feeding the missionaries! right??!! ahah:) so she is from Haiti and she speaks mostly creole so the Elders (the boy missionaries) that speak creole came with us too. So we end up going to this Hiatian restaurant that is all you can eat buffet!! It looked kind of sketch but hey that's where the best food comes from right??? So me and my companion walk in and everyone turns quiet and stares at us. I am pretty sure we were the only white people in that whole restaurant and plus everyone what only speaking creole so we didn't really understand what was happening and just had to rely on the elders that they would help us out and wouldn't sell us off to someone! haha So me and my companion just casually go sit down and I was thinking in my head, "Don't mind us its just a half Mexican (that doesn't look Mexican) white girl and her companion sitting here waiting for our Haitian all you can eat buffet..." haha:) It was a blast! The whole time the elders where speaking creole to our member and me and my companion don't understand a thing so I just stuffed my face with food so that it wouldn't seem like I had time to talk but I might have just looked like I had been starving for days. I have definitely learned how to eat my whole meal in like five mintues!! That's what a mission teaches you!! haha. So they had these delicious meat thingies and I just kept on eathing them and eating them and my companion just looked at them weird and I was like, "whats wrong? they are super good you should eat some" and then she was like, "no its okay..." so I was like, "okay that's fine more for me" (I just realized I sound like I eat like 600 pounds of food everyday but its not like that I was just super hungry at the time! ahah) so we go on with the dinner and even the elders aren't eating them and I'm like, that's weird (shrug) oh well. So later  in the day were just walking knocking doors and my companion turns to me and tells me, "man I don't know how you ate all that ox tail!"
I was like ,"what ox tail? I didn't eat any ox tail" and she was like, "that was what you kept on eating and no one else was eating!" You should have seen my face! I about freaked out! haahha
I don't even really know what ox tail is! haha:) but it was good so if you ever get the chance to eat ox tail go for it!!! Also we had this crazy experience with a lady named Judy. So Judy is interesting. She might or might not think that the government is after her because she has seen to many things and she lives in her car but she is a super nice lady! and plus we are all children of god!! But anywyas Judy came to church and loved it!! She stayed for relief society even and me and my companion where a little hesitant every time she said a comment hoping she wouldn't say anything about how the government has tortured her but she said some pretty good comments so maybe the spirit was working through her::) haha oh man! I am going to miss Miami and all of these exciting things!! I have no idea where I am going but I know Heavenly Father is sending me to a place that I need to be at right now:) Love you guys! and may you always trust in Heavenly Father and that he knows whats best for you and is always by your side!:)
Hermana Miles
P.S. Bye Miami!!!!!!!
P.S.S.  New area here I come!

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