Monday, June 16, 2014

June 9, 2014- Doral South

So second week in Doral!! Crazy! So we had a huge miracle this week!!! We have been working with a family who is really involved with their own church but they have recently been interested in learning more about our church. An elder saw the dad in the library one day and had the prompting to go and talk to him and he said yes to a return appointment so we came over later in the week and taught his family. So we have been teaching them recently and they are sooo nice! they gather the whole family (they have three kids two boys one girl) and they all listen to our message. One lesson we had two youth from our ward come for the lesson and we were going to teach them about church and explain to them what it would be like and both me and my companion had the prompting that we needed to teach restauration and about Joseph Smith but I was like, "No we already have the Sabbath Day lesson planned with the youth." So we continue with the lesson and wouldn't you know, the Dad asks the perfect question to go into teaching about Joseph Smith! It was like a huge hint from Heavenly Father telling me, "come on sister Miles" so I was like okay! so we turn to the youth and ask her, "do you want to start explaining about Joseph smith?" and she did such an awesome job!!! and then my companion said the first vision and we all felt the spirit so strong! I feel like it really touched their hearts and then after we invited them to church and they were like, "we will come if you guys come to ours" and we were like Sure!!! ( We were kind of hoping they would love church so much they wouldn't go back to their church and would forget about our agreement, ahaha) So sunday comes along and 5 min. before, they aren't there. I am so nervous because I really want them to come. The service starts and still they aren't there. Finally during the sacrament song the sisters from the other ward that starts earilier than our ward come running in telling us that our family came!! I think I literally ran out of that building not even watching to see if my companion was behind me our not haha. Turns out the other ward had thought they were the other sisters investigator and had sent them to the wrong room! But we quickly got it figured out and got them situated in our ward and it was awesome! I prayed so much and even fasted not on a fast sunday ( which for those who know me know that's a big deal! we even had cookies offered to us and I took them but kept them in my purse to eat them later hahaa) so that God would help this family come to church. After sacrament they kind of ran out really fast so we couldn't talk to them much but we asked them, "so can we see you sometime this week?" and they were like, "Of course we thought you were already coming Wednesday." *Mind Highfive to my companion*  We can see how much the gospel would be able to help this family. We are so excited to see how they progress. but worries I got to eat the cookies later, nothing was lost.
Love Sister Miles
P.S I ran into some Mexicans last night and they were definitely not as excited as I was to see them #awkward
P.S.S. the mission is super into hashtags now so every text has a hashtag
#missionarywork #godlovesmebecausehegavemecookies #neverhaverunfasterinmylife
#Missionsarehardworkbuttotallyworthit #ifsomeonehadtoldmeitwasthishardiwouldnthavecome #justkiddingstillworthit #familygettingbaptized #eternalfamilies #seeingtheminthecelestialkingdom

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