Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 2, 2014-Doral South

Hey guys!!! I have been transfered to Doral South!!!! So I am living in the same house that I lived in when I was in Hialeah but I am now in a different area. Its really weird because my companion Sister Lightheart was actually someone I lived with! So at first it was really weird to be back in my old house without my old companion and living in a different room! I think i have accidently gone into the other sisters room now thinking it was my old  room like at least fifty times. I keep on going in and being like, "Where is all my stuff!!??" and then remembering oops...-_- and going back to my new room ahaha:) But yeah. It was especially weird to go to my same chapel and see all of the members from my old ward! But it was really cool because I got to see Liduvina!!!!!(My recent convert!) She is doing so awesome!!!!:DD She even has a group of friends now that even helped her get a job and she sits and talks with them! Its the cutest thing ever! and she looks so happy at church!!! Also my new companion Sister Lightheart is awesome! She is from Springfield Oregon and she dresses sooo cute!! She has the cutest style! and also she is awesome as a missionary!!:)) We have been working pretty hard the last couple days in our area harvesting our hearts out! The people in my area are all pretty much cuban or velanzulan so its really fun to be speaking spanish again! Oh I forgot to tell you guys! I am in a Spanish ward again!! So I am going to be able to practive my spanish!!!! They had be introduce myself in sacrament meeting in front of everyone in Spanish and it was really nerve racking but it turned out okay:) So now that I am in a Spanish area again we get a bunch more food now!!! and it is so delicious! So we went to a member on friday and she served us Balliadas (I dont know if i spelled that right but its a honduran dish you should look it up) and it was sooo delicious, just a little calorie loaded. I was watching her prepare my dish and she literally got a huge spoonful of butter and just plopped it right in the middle of the tortilla. I was a little sickening but it was so delicious. Oh man! Maybe God will bless me to not gain weight if I work super hard? hahaha anyways, talk you guys later!!! Love you!!!!!! Have a great week!
Hermana Miles

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