Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 23, 2014-Doral South

Man oh man oh man!:) So to start off! WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! yay!!!! This was the first time that all of us in the mission were able to go through a session in the temple since it has been dedicated and it was so amazing!! We felt the spirit so strong there and the spirit has stayed with us throughout this whole week as a companionship so it has been awesome!:) the temple was so beautiful!!! while we were inside there was a lightning storm happening outside and we kept on hearing really big thunder (thats florida for you)  but it was so peaceful the whole time!:) I loved it! So We are getting a new mission president this week!!! Which is really crazy! We are super nervous and excited to see what is going to happen with this new presdient and to see the changes he will be making:) Change is Exciting! So recently a less active family has been coming back to church and they have a 10 year old daughter that wants to get baptized so we get to teach her!:) She is awesome!! she is so ready to learn and just soaks everything up!:) We gave her her very own book of mormon and she got so excited and was like, "Its for me?? all mine??" and we were like, "Yeah!!:) you can even mark your favorite scriptures inside and everything!" She came up to us later in the week after sacrament and started showing us how much she has already read! she is just so excited to get baptized!:) Also we went to go see how the family that we have been teaching recently has been doing and wanted to go share a scripture with them and during the lesson we wanted to bring the spirit really strong into the lesson so we started testifying of Gods love for his children and I started sharing my experience and how when i was younger i was really sick and I had an experience where i felt gods love and then they asked me well what happened to you? and I said I had had cancer (sidenote: so I hadnt exactly told my companion that i had had cancer because its not really something that comes up in conversation *Hey Sister would you pass me the cereal? oh and im a cancer survivor:) thanks for the milk:)* so yeah now back to the story) My companion turns super quick to me eyes wide and in disbelief, hahaha I think for a couple of seconds she didnt believe me haha:) anyways afterward i was like, "so oops sorry i didnt tell you haha..."  and she says, "yeah i thought you were just going to say you had chickenpocks or something!" hahaha but anyways things are going good! the world cup is going on so its fun to be able to connect with people through that!:) The world cup is HUGE here!!!! I am super happy that Mexico has been winning lately, or so i heard.... But anyways:) GUYS GUESS WHAT!! Elder Holland went to cuba to set up another branch IN CUBA!!! That is a huge thing here!!!! everyone is super excited about it we dont know what is going to happen:) you can read about it here :

Love Hermana Miles:)

p.s. so yesterday we were accounting (where we talk about what happened in the week, our strengths and weaknesses and how we can improve) with our district leader and suddenly i hear this noise and i look over to my wall right next to my head and there is this HUGE Cockaroach!!!!! ahhhh!!! I screamed sooo loud!!! right in the middle of the call and ran out of there as fast as I could! I think our district leader thought we were getting robbed or something! and then when me and my companion went back into the room we couldnt find it D: so i moved my bed away from all the walls and sprayed like a lake of insecticied around my bed! I couldt sleep at all! I was scared it was going to eat me!

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