Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014-Doral South

Guys! you would not believe what me and my companion did last night....We SNEAKED INTO A GATED COMMUNITY!! Okay okay okay let me start from the beginning....
So, we had just come home from church and we were feeling kind of lazy but then we decided, "Hey we are going to ride our bikes to put forth that effort to God," so we did. We got our bikes on our car rode out to our area and started riding our bikes. We had decided that we would try to just ride our bikes into the gated community but theses things were top notch. there were like cameras securtiy guards, the works! So we were like what are we going to do!?? So many people to get baptized in this community! So we were riding our bikes and we saw it! There were some boards nailed together to make a fence type thingy and we realized that one board had a bigger gap than the other boards and I was like, "no, no way my body is going to fit through that board," but we went for it and we got through!!!!! and then I was like come on sister lightheart squeeze through! Of course we had to do it with the right timing in between the cars coming in and the security guards passing by, and then we get through and then we are so scared to death that someone is going to find us. I comforted my companion by telling her that if we get sent to jail im pretty sure our mission president will bail us out eventually. (I know, best companion ever right? I have such comforting words for her) hahha anyways we finally get over our fear and we decide to knock some doors. Man! I dont think I have been that afraid to knock a door since the first day. I was so scared they were going to be like how did you guys get in here. and we would be like, "oh you know, somehow....over there...ish" but everyone was really nice!! and then we decided to go OYM this lady and her daughter! She was so nice to us!!! She told us that she knows we were sent from God because she was having really bad headache so she takes us to her parents house and we say a prayer with them and they LOVE IT!!:D She even said that she already was feeling better from her headache and the daughter said she wanted to be like us missionaries when she grows up and we got a return appointment!! Which means we dont have to sneak in again (even though it was kind of thrilling!) then later we were knocking doors and this Girl comes out and says yes to the prayer and says that she really needed help because she was writing a paper for her finals and then she loved the prayer!! Afterwards she asked us so do you guys live in the commmunity? and we were like..."We live like that way *motion my hand in some random direction* a bit...ish...i dont really know I just moved here (which is true i just got here three weeks ago)" ahha anyways!! IT was awesome!! We are so excited to see how this mother and her daughter progress:) Love you guys!!!
Love Hermana Miles
P.S. #Ifeltlikeaspy
P.S.S. Miles. Sister Miles.
P.S.S.S. like james bond. Get it? ? ?

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