Thursday, July 10, 2014

June 30, 2014- Doral South

First off Guys guess what! WE HAVE A NEW MISSION PRESIDENT!!! haha:) We get to meet him on wednesday and we are so excited. So lately my companion and I I have really been trying to build up the ward and just trying to strengthen them and usually we get like 50 people to sacrament but the last few weeks we have been getting about 74is people!! We have been so excited. We have been working with less actives (people who dont come to church as often) and trying to help them get back to church and it has been amazing to see the miracles that are happening. I played to organ for the first time for the ward and I dont think they had ever had anyone play the organ for them because they dont have anyone that plays the piano so if they dont have a missionary that knows how to play the piano they have to play acapella... so yeah, but it was amazing!! They were singing so loud and the spirit just filled the room. and then the last hour we were all together because it was the last sunday of the month and it was amazing! this ward is really just building itself up its amazing and the spirit is here to help!:) We love this ward so much now! So lately we havent had enough miles on the car ( we only get a certain number of miles we can drive with the car each month) and we decided to start riding our bikes a little bit. So we started on this bike ride that we thought would only take fifteen didnt take fifteen took us 50! mintues to get where we needed to be -_-! It was horrible and I guess my companion didnt know that we shouldnt ride through huge puddles of rain water and she got this huge!!! Line of mud water down her back! I felt so bad but I couldnt stop laughing!! haha:) anyways it was disastrous!! haha:) but i guess thats the only way we learn! Anyways I am sending you some pictures in this one so its not goign to be that long:) love you!
Hermana Miles
P.S. Ill let you know how the new mission president is! the first question me and my companion are going to ask him is "can we mail our ukeles to us on the mission?? We could use it as a prosetlying tool! We could knock on peoples doors and ask them would you like us to sing you a song?"  Couldnt you imagine it!??? *knock Knock* Hello?      "Hi:) Would you like us to sing you a song?"     "Sure!"    "Give said the little stream! Give oh give! give oh give!" haha:) anways bye!

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