Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March 31, 2014-Hialeah, FL

This week we had an amazing miracle! Liduvina got Baptized!! She was a transfer miracle! So the first day after transfer meeting we went harvesting excited to start working and her door was one of the first doors we knocked on! She was so excited to see us and the moment we said we were representatives of Jesus Christ she was so excited she asked where the church was and said that she would be going this sunday even if she had to walk there!! Then she showed us a certificate of a baptism she had had in cuba so we were a little nervous to ask her to be baptized again but we testified and asked her to be baptized by proper authority and she said yes! to everything!! She was even able to go to the temple open house the day before her baptism and she loved it so much! she was crying because she felt the spirit so strong! and after her baptism she came out of the waters and started crying because of how happy she felt!:) We are so happy for her and love her so much!! she feels the spirit so strong every time she comes to church!:) She is an example to me of how important it is to have this desire for the Love of Christ so much that you are willing to do anything for it! We asked her how she felt after the baptism and she said she was so happy she couldn't even descirbe it:)!  we felt so privledged to be a part of bringing this beautiful daughter of God closer to our Heavenly Father and feel so blessed! 
Also in other news...WE ARE WORKING AT THE TEMPLE!! We work every forth day and we LOVE IT!! Just being a part of history is makes us feel so special and we love helping at the temple! Our first day was during the VIP week and we worked in the reception tent that people would go through after the tour and it was amazing to see how happy these people were:) They had sandwiches there that were like AMAZING (sorry for talking about food right now but they were so good gusy you wouldnt believe and plus im a little bit hungry) they had like cranberry sauce and then turkey and then gouda cheese!! anyways I ate like four of them...but anyways got a little side tracked WE LOVE THE TEMPLE! We took Liduvina with us like I said before and as we were going out of the parking lot there was this girl that was handing out newspapers that said Temple In Davie! and we thought it was from the church so we got it and got a Spanish one and an English one and handed one to Liduvina. Big MISTAKE! My companion and I started reading it and it was Anti-Mormon stuff! We freaked out. I whispered to my companion, "What do we do?!?! She's reading it!!" My companion said, "I dont know!" (My eyes start getting bigger! I start panicking) "Do we take it out of her hands!" "No I don't think that would be nice" Ahhh!! Then we say to Liduvina "Um...that newspaper isn't saying nice things about the church...so..." Then Liduvina looks up at us and says, "Really? Oh okay" she folds it up in disgust and practically shoves the paper into our hands! :D We were so happy:) She loves the  church so much!! And then more MIRACLES!!!!....
So Mirian and her family where so supposed to come to the temple with us but when we went to go check on her she said she had had a really bad headache for four days and had high blood pressure and the headache was getting worse so she couldnt come:(( So we had some members from the ward come and give her a priesthood blessing. Later on we find out that after we left she started getting a really bad nose bleed and she thinks that she might have had a stroke but that the blessing helped her! She recognized that the blessing was from God and is what helped her!:) Her testimony of the power of God has increased so much now and we set her for a baptism this weekend:) We are so happy for her :D anyways...Did I mention I love the temple! This week has just been amazing!:) a lady in the reception tent went up to my companion and asked, "How do I become a member of your chruch" Now that doesn't happen everyday haha:) so my companion was super estatic and had her fill out a comment card and gave her a Book of Momon!:)
Love her!:) anyways hope you guys had as awesome a week as I did, but I dont know,a temple open house is kind of hard to compete with.:)

Love Hermana Miles

P.S. So one of the important people from Salt Lake came to give us a training before the open house and said, " Okay sisters I know you probably packed away your makeup for during you mission but I want you to break that makeup out and we want you to look you best." All of the sister missionaries look like this -_- what is he trying to say...haha:) anyways we looked beautiful during the open house:) He even said so:) Love you!!

Liduvina's  Baptism.

The view from our harvesting place.

Crazy giant hunk of meat from a member.

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