Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 24, 2014-Hialeah, FL

Okay guys guess what!? It was another miracle week!! yay!! haha:) Okay so first off. We had a really good week:) I love the people here and just being here being able to be a small part of the Lords work and the opportunities that he has given me are tremendous. I have felt so blessed this week for this opportunity to go on a mission and be able to grow so much in just the few months i have been here. on the other hand,  I have been getting bit like crazy from mosquito's its crazy! and also we were on bikes a lot this week so I have a couple bruises from that:) But i loved every minute of it! Whenever I'm on bikes it makes me feel like I am really doing missionary work! We try to stop everyone we see!:) We even chase down people who are on there bikes and try to pass them a card while they are passing us:)) Its fun!! anyways! so a miracle that happened this week:) LIDUVINA CAME TO CHURCH!! AHH!!:) We were so excited:) so we found liduvina the first day i was in the area and we were teachign her ever since but we were getting to a point that we thought we should stop teaching her. In the middle of this week she calls us and tells us, " I want to get baptized, when can I get baptized??" and we where stoked!:) and then she came to church and was so happy to be there:) she loved it!! It was a little awkward at first when we realized it was ward conference and we had to lift our hand to sustain a million people but she went right along with it and was raising her hand:) It was the best!! and then when a member was talking to her we overheard the member ask her, "So when are you getting baptized?" and liduvina said, "As soon as possible":))ahh!! she told us that she had been able to feel God's love so much more in her life ever since she has been meeting with us and she loved church so much and is coming with us to the open house:) She just came from cuba like a year ago and she is like 70 years old but she is awesome! she was telling us how she used to be a ballerina and a singer on television and the radio when she was younger!! How cool is that!:)) anyways...Everyone in the mission is super excited for the temple its really all anyone can talk about. We just found out that we get to be there for the open house for five whole days!! helping out!:) we are stoked!! anways, my area is a blast! I love it so much! the people here are so humble and ready to accept the gospel and whenever they let us in they offer us food and cookies and pretty much everything they are so nice:) We just went to the wonderful flea market again and it was the best!! We even got some hotdogs and they had corn and raspados and coconuts!! Dream come true!! I love it!!!! anways i love you guys thanks so much for reading my blog!
Hermana Miles:)
P.S. found another baby name: bathsheba! ...just kidding:) I wouldn't do that to my child.

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