Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014-Miami Shores North

Hey everyone guess where Im at now???? MIAMI SHORES NORTH!!!! That means that I am right next to the ocean!:) It is crazy here! I am back in English but I am kind of happy to be in English again. It was really hard to be teaching people not in your native tongue I dont know how people in foreign missions do it!:) But anyways My new companion is Sister Hansen!! And I love her!:) We were actually trained by  the same trainer! So technically we are sisters!! (its missionary lingo, Your trainer is called your mom and when your "mom" trains someone else you are sisters( weird huh?)) Anyways my area is full of Haitian people that speak Creole!! Its so cool I want to learn so bad! I have been learning phrases here and there and it sounds so cool!! There is actually a part of my area that is called little Hiati and it seriously looks like we are in a foreign country! There are little Miami mini buses that are jamed pack with people flying all over the place and everyone is speaking creole it is soooo cool!!!! It is so different to especially coming from  Hialeah were everyone calls that place little Havana because eveyrone speaks spanish there and everyone is cuban. Actually, funny story:) So we went to go follow up with this lady that was from Hiati I think and we were finishing the lesson and I went in for a bestito ( to kiss her on the cheek) and she liked backed away and had this most scared look on her face! I think she thought I was going to like kiss her on the mouth hahaha! I felt so awkward and my companion was just laughing at me! because she knew I had just come from Hialeah and was used to that with all the latins there. haha:) I guess I have some getting used to!!! I am really excited to try there food! Ihave heard that its really good! So we actually had baptism this week in my new area!!!:) Her name was Giselle and she is so special. I sent some pictures of it!:) We lvoe her so much!! So many things where put as obstacles in her path before her baptism but she said that she knew satan was trying to stop her and she wasnt going to let Satan win!:)) So she was so happy when she got baptised!!!:))) I love you guys!:))) Send me some letters!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! Its looking really sad over here! anyways Na Way Fue!!! (thats creole I dont know how to spell it thats just how you say it so bye!!!)

Love Hermana Miles

P.S. All the Creole Ive been learning:
Bonje Ben U
Mou Representa de Jezikri
Eske Wa Baptize?;)

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