Saturday, April 19, 2014

April14, 2014-Hialeah, FL

BIG NEWS GUYS!... drumroll..........
I can't believe it! My companion and I thought for sure that she would be leaving and I would be staying since she has been here in this area for almost a year! but surprisingly I am really calm with it the only thing I am nervous about is WHERE AM I GOING!!??? I have no idea. WHOS GOING TO BE MY NEW COMPANION!! One thing that I am really sad about is leaving my companion, Sister Ware!:) I love this chick! but shes going to be going to BYU So i will be seeing her in a year!:)) She goes home in about a month. So sad! But anyways...So this week miracle upon miracle! MIRIAN CAME TO THE TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE!!! So we had decided to finally drop Mirian but we had a ride to the temple open house that one of our investigators bailed out on so we needed someone to come so we go over to mirians and she opens the door and at first she looks really mad and says, "Well its a miracle you guys are even here" but then she breaks out in a smile (thankfully, I dont know what i would have done if a latin lady would have been made at us, that would have been scary) and welcomes us in. We testify to her and tell her, "Mirian we have a ride coming in 15 min to come pick you up for the temple open house. We know your going to feel the spirit there and it will change your life. Will you be ready in time?" And she said yes!!!!!!! goes back inside and is ready in 15 min!!:)) We couldnt believe it!! and then We went and visited Jose (another investigator that we had dropped before, to drop means we dont teach them anymore) and we call him up and the first thing he says is, "COME OVER  RIGHT NOW!" Oh man you should have seen our faces! We were in total shock we were like, "we will be over in fifteen!" and raced to his house:) We talked to him about church and he came to church!!!!! And he loved it so much he has decided to be baptized next sunday!! We are so excited for him and hope that he can bring his whole family next time:)
This week while working at the temple I had a really cool experience. So we were in the reception tent asking people how they liked the temple tour and one guy comes up and asks me, "So where does the Book of Mormon come from? Did Joseph Smith just receive revelation and just start writing?" and I was able to pretty much teach him the whole first vision! I felt the spirit  while talking to him and I felt like he was just soaking it up. He was so intereseted and I hope he will start talking with the missionaries.:) He had never heard about the mormons until he went to the Book of Mormon play which doesnt exactly say good things about Mormons but it made him curious enough to come to the temple open house so there are always blessings:) I love you guys!:) And so excited to hear from you love you!:))))
Hermana Miles
P.S. Three people told me I looked Italian and asked if I was from Italy (Wink Wink) Maybe I should just tell them I am Italian just to make things exciting:D
P.S.S. Also someone told me I should become a movie star...he might have been a little not exactly there but hey I'll take the compliments where I can get them:)

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