Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014-Hialeah, FL

So temple is going awesome!! and I am having a blast over here in my area!:) I love this place so much!! The signs are in spanish even and your HAVE to great everyone with Hola! Como Esta!?:) or they will not reply back!:) I love it! anyways something crazy happened this week. So we were goign to go over to the church to watch conference and we saw this cat that had been hit by a car on the side of the road and thought :( aww sad cat! but then we realized it was still alive!! Turns out that the cat had had its two front paws run over and we didnt know what to do! We pulled over and called the elders to come quick!!!  but when they came we still didnt know what to do with this poor cat! So we found the phonebook (since we cant use anyother website other than lds.org and mormon.org) and called the animal shelter but they were closed:( and told us to go online -_- that was frustrating so finally we got an address and we decided to take the cat to the shelter. We got the towel from the closet that we use for the baptisms and went and picked up the cat. the poor cat was so weak:( I felt so bad for it and we took it to the shelter! Hopefully the cat will survive! We decided to call her miracle! So we arerooting for you miracle! Anyways...other than that I had a great week full of tender mercies and miracles! And General Conference was great!!! It did kind of sound like the world was going to go through something really drastic so they were trying to prepare everyone. So EVERYONE PREPARE!:)) How can I prepare you might ask? Ask the missionaries;)

Love you!!!!
Love Hermana Miles

P.S. Sorry My post was more about a cat than about people but...oh well sorry Next week I will write you to let you know what happens at transferres and if I stay with my companion or not. We have decided that we are going to predict that we are trio training! So that means that we would stay together and get a trainee:)) It would be so much fun!! We were trying to think of pranks we could pull on her the first night! haha poor trainee...

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