Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30 2013, Sweetwater, FL

MIRACLE BAPTISM!!!! It was the best thing ever! So let me start at the beginning...So once upon a time there was this lady and she was watching the Shaytards on youtube and she loved them so she decided to look up there religion and calls the church in her area for their church service time and comes for three months STRAIGHT (She might have missed one but she had a good reason) She truly came to love the church and loved coming with her daughter. We were able to see her testimony grow as she came each week and see her make friends. She was the best!  We had asked her to be baptismed and couple months before but she had told us that she couldn't bring her self to be baptized again. This Sunday though was a miracle. Sacrament meeting had such a great spirit to it and then when we were in Sunday School with her my new awesome boss companion gave a great lesson about Jesus' life and ministry and we felt the spirit so strongly. After class she and I are talking and she askes me, "So are you guys having that baptism thing this week?" and I said, "No, I don't think anyone is getting baptized today." And then she says, "I think I am ready to be baptized." Which of course is music to any missionaries ears. I wish I could have seen my face! I must have just looked like she had just told me she had a million dollars for me! Hahah:) and then I stuttered out, "Well we can do one just for you?" and she said, "Okay." My eyes where so big! I was in shock. So while she goes to relief society I ask the District Leader if he can do her interview today and he says yes. So I go over to my companion who is sitting next to her in class and whisper to her, " Ask her if she wants the interview right now." and my companion looks at me weird because she hadn't heard the conversation that we had had and she didn't realize what was going on, so she just looked at me weird. So I said, "Ask her" For sternly, then again "Ask her!" haha my poor companion was a little confused asked her, "Would you maybe like to do an interview for baptism?" and she gets right up and says, " Okay" and my companions mouth drops and shes shocked in amazement and probably thought, ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! hahahah:)) It was so funny and it was the best!! Her baptism was great and we are so excited to see her receive the Holy Ghost! I know that she is going to be a great member! Someone definitely has to email the shaytards now and tell them that they just got someone baptized!! Sorry if this email is a little confusing haha:) How was your guys Christmas?? It was so nice to see my family on skype and to talk to them!! I just figured out that I will be spending two Christmas' from home but thats okay:) I spent Christmas with a family in our ward and they were so nice to us! and I also got to spend Christmas eve with a great family!!! We were so blessed this year! I hope you guys had a great Christmas!!This week I was really able to study and to understand the true purpose of us being here on this earth and to understand that we all just want to return back to our Heavenly Father who is waiting for us with open arms! I love you guys! Thanks for reading my blog and for sending me Christmas cards! It was so great to see all of you guys!! I love you! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL

Love Hermana Miles

P.S. I slammed my finger in a door trying to run away from a dog ( I know it doesnt really make sense) and I like almost sliced it off. Blood was everywhere and I had to go ask our investigator to get me some first aid supplies!! But at least it got us into the house!:)) yay for more miracles!!!

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