Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6 2014, Sweetwater, FL

Guys!! So how was your new years?? Mine was crazy!! So we had to be in by eight and our neighbors ( multiple ones...) played Latin music. All. Night. Long. but I guess it kind of reminded me of home so it wasn't that bad:) till we got woken up at Twelve by all the fireworks going off. So I guess  fireworks for new years here is really big. For weeks they were selling fireworks all over the place. And all night a couple were going off. But I guess since we have to wake up at six thirty we as missionaries don't extremely appreciate it but it was kind of cool the first couple hours:) When your on your mission you sometimes see people at their lowest points and it has been such a blessing to see how Heavenly Father sends us and we are able to be used as tools to help and comfort his children. This week we felt that we should visit a couple that we had been with last transfer. We visited her last night and it was perfect. The wife was there and she is going through a lot right now and it was such a blessing to be able to comfort and say a prayer with her. So we go door to door saying prayers with people and I have been able to see that every once in a while Heavenly Father helps me see how special his children are to him and how much he loves them and wants to help them:) Sorry this blog post is a little mushy, not that many funny things happened this week but I will make sure that I write down something super funny that happens this week:) I love you guys and hope everything is going swell. I am super pumped for this week and so should you guys. Hurrah for Isreal:)

Love Hermana Miles

P.S. They have like the coolest bible videos now on mormon channel!
P.P.S. So this week we went out to work and the car had died! it sounded like the battery had totally died. So we didnt know what to do. We called the couple missionaries but they said to call our Zone leaders but they were an hour away and weren't answering their phone:( So we decided we should say a pray to have Heavenly Father help us have our car work and turn on only for the mile that we need in order to get to Tire Kingdom. So we prayed and then my companion turns the key in the ignition...*click**click**click*nothing happens...I think in my mind *this is just a trial of my faith if we still believe it will turn on it will* click*click*click*VROOM!!!!and it suddenly turns on!!! We screamed so hard it was crazy! It might not seem like that big of a deal but it was a miracle to us!! We drove it straight to Tire Kingdom where we happily turned it into the mechanics and went to go get a bite to eat from their handy dandy vending machines! and we lived happily ever after:) The End.

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