Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013-Sweetwater, FL

So this week was really amazing! We were able to meet with Brandon again ( the guy that said yes to baptism last time we were knocking doors) and He is such an awesome guy! He seems so prepared for the gospel and he said that as we knocked on his door that as that exact time he had been contemplating some things and when he saw that it was missionaries offering a prayer he said to himself that God really does answer prayers!! It amazes me how many experiences like this happen and how we think that we are doing all of this on our own sometimes but God shows us that he places us in the paths that he needs us to be in order to help others. He came to church this last Sunday and he was awesome! He loved it and he even called his Mom and his Daughter to tell them that he had gone to church because he was so excited!!:) We are so happy for him and are excited to see the progress that he will be making:) Another miracle that happened this week was crazy:) We were on the street trying to apply some principles that we had just been taught about OYM's (Open your mouth; Basically just talking to everyone) and we had passed him a card and told him that he should look it up and it would change his life and we bore testimony to him. Now, this is a normal thing and we do this a bunch of times everyday and I have never really ever seen these people again but the next day this guy comes up to us, we didn't even recognize this guy and might have just passed him another card but he says to us, "Hey I looked up that website you told me to look up. I really liked it" My companion and I just kind of stood there for a second in amazment while our jaws dropped! It was crazy we were so excited we just smiled really big and said really!! and then we remembered that we should probably get his information before the leaves so we could set up an appointment with him.;) Also another exciting thing happened this week! :) We were in a lesson with Brandon and we come out to see that our car is blocked by a person that had parked right behind us... Turns out that we had accidently parked in the apartment parking and not in the visitor parking and this guy decided to park right behind us to show us a lesson I guess. So it is 9:00 at night and we have a curfew at 9:30 and we just don't know what to do! We started knocking on doors and then my companion said "hey we should just push it out of the way, it isnt that hard I have done it before". So you see these two sister missionaries in skirts trying to PUSH a car. Then my companion suddenly remembers that the car has to be in neutral in order to move a car   -_-...  So by this time I am starting to panic thinking that they are going to tow our car and I am going to have to pay a lot of money and then I am going to have to bribe the tow truck so that we dont have to walk home, that I just start laughing my head off which my companion did not appreciate too much. Hahaha but! I all turned out okay! We said a prayer and then a lady comes out and tells us where the guys apartment is, we knock on the door and this mad Latin man comes stomping out with his car keys. We jump in the car after he moves the car and drive off before this angry latin man has a chance to rear end the sister missionaries...but! moral of the story, God answers prayers!! (also we might or might not have ended up being 30 minutes late after curfew and having to call the mission president leaving him a voicemail telling him how dumb the sister missionaries are) But its okay! I love this work and I love these experiences! I have been laughing ever since!!  

God is great! and people are crazy;)

Hermana Miles

P.S. We found this bakery a couple of blocks from our house and they have these delicious little cake thingies I don't know what they are but they are made from heaven! HEAVEN!! pastelitos de guayba I think is what they are called. Everyone has to try these. Put it on your bucket list right now!!

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  1. I google the pastelitos de guava. They are Cuban and appear easy to make. They look really good.