Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 23 2013, Sweetwater, FL

Hey guys!! 
Can you believe that Christmas is only two days away!!! WHAT DID YOU GUYS GET!!??? Anyways! This week was Crazy!! So my trainer went home and so I got a new companion! I also have to take over my area and I was so nervous about it! I think it was the most nervous that I have every been in my life! I was shaking and I felt all jittery and I couldnt eat and felt like I couldn't even move! I think just the fact of all the responsibility being on my shoulders and feeling like I couldnt let anyone down really got to me. But! I got over it really quick! My new companion is awesome!!!! Her name is Sister Johnson and she is from Brigham City, Utah! I am already loving her! I am really excited for this next transfer with her. She seems excited and ready to get to work which is great! So we were running out of miles for our car (We only get a certain amount of miles each month and if we use them all up we have to go on bike) and guess what? We are on BIKE!! At first I was like AWESOME!! This is going to be so much fun! I am going to love it! I am going to be talking to everyone on the street! Yeah!!!...30 minutes later I realized the horror of being on a a skirt... on a bike that is too tall for me...GUYS I ALMOST DIED!! So as I said before the bike is a little too tall for me and so I kind of have to jump on the bike to get on and so we were on the sidewalk on this really busy street and I am jumping on my bike but I suddenly feel myself tipping over INTO THE STREET!! and I see this car coming right towards me! I saw my life flash before my eyes! I fall in to the street! Skirt flying every where and thankfully Heavenly Father saved me and the car swerved in to the other lane! Oh man!! So I am lying on the floor and then I hear this ambulance start its sirens and I think "Oh man they probably think I am hurt" and I jump up and scream "I am okay!" haha but...the ambulance wasn't for me but no probably everyone on the street probably thinks I am a lunatic. But At least I now know that I still have work to do because Heavenly Father saved me:) hahaha  Oh the joys of bikes! Who knew they could be so exciting! Anyways So we found this lady named Mayda she seems so ready for the gospel. She has been having a really hard time because a lot of bad things have happened to her in her life and she is feeling really lonely at this time. She was so kind to us! She even gave us a huge candy bar for Christmas!! She was truly prepared her son had died a couple of years ago and she was feeling really lonely and she said that when we knocked on the door that she knew that we were truly sent from God. It was really a blessing to feel like I was able to bless her life in some way and feel like a true instrument in God's hands. MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS!!!

Love Hermana Miles

p.s. For my Christmas gift you guys should send me letters...just saying...or an email just saying know


p.s.s.s Hurrah for ISRAEL!!!!

Our Christmas tree!

My companion and her two trainees. 

A tracel buddy from the MTC.  

Our ward christmas party. 

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