Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2012-Wellington

Hey guys!!! 
How is everything going???? Me and my companion are stoked for christmas now!!! We are really crossing our fingers that we dont get transferred from each other right before christmas!!! We would really be sad!! I even missed her when she was gone for exchanges for just ONE day! Ahhh!! what am I going to do when I go home and dont have a companion?
We also went on a full day exchange with the STL's and it was amazing to see the mriacles that came from it. We decided to OYM this lady but she got into her car really fast but we ran up to her car and had her put her window down and we said a prayer with her!:) she loved the prayer and she had even been taught a little by the sisters and had visited the church, but thats not the miracle! the whole time while we were saying the prayer and talking to her there was a lady that suddenly stopped behind the car and started listening to us. and while we were testifying to the first lady, this lady started nodding her head like she agreed with what we were saying! We were a little confused at first so after the prayer she comes straight up to us and says, "What church are you guys from?" We tell her and give her a card and ask her if she would like a prayer. she says yes automatically and we say the prayer and afterward she is crying!:) she definitly felt the spirit and afterwards she was talking about how she wants to come to church and maybe she even might become a member even BEFORE we invited her to be baptized!! It was amazing! A true miracle because we realized afterward that if we hadnt made that effort to oym the lady in the car we would never have run into her!!!! Heavenly Father truly is a God of miracles:)!
Also this week my companion wasnt feeling too good one day so we had to stay in. she had gone to take a shower while I was studying and hadnt known that she had just taken a shower (*side not, when we take a shower the shower door isnt too secure so water just pours out and we have to mop it up with a towel afterward and there are always these huge puddles of water laying around) So I go into the bathroom just humming a song, and suddenly I feel water under my feet and by the time I noticed I was in a huge puddle of water it was too late! I started slipping and feel hard on my back! I didnt scream while i was falling but after I fell I started screaming trying to get the sympathy from my sick companion telling her, "I think I broke my arm!" (I might have exaggerated a little bit too much) but anyways everything turned out okay and I only have a bruise on my arm now:)
Thanksgiving was awesome!!:)) We had a Thanksgiving Lunch and a Thanksgiving Dinner!! The Lunch was awesome! It was at a recent converts house and she fed us all the traditional thanksgiving american food! and then for dinner we had "soul food" thanksgiving which was really cool to experience! It was mac and cheese, Barbacue chicken, ham, collared greens, buttermilk pie the list goes on! It was really cool to experience all these different thanksgiving traditions! and the buttermilk pie was pretty good!! Members kept on sending pies with us home but I definietly wasnt complaining!!:)) I love pies!! 
Anyways I love you guys!! Hope your all excited for christmas!! 
Have you heard of the new christmas video the church has out?? It is really good! It like 2 minutes long and talks about how Jesus Christ is the gift of christmas! Go check it out!:) 
Hermana Miles

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