Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014-Wellington

GUYS GUESS WHAT!:)))) I LOVE MY NEW COMPANION!!!!! Her name is Sister Rampersad and she is from trinidad! She is half indian and half Venezualan, Halfsies for life! 
Anyways, its actually kind of a funny story how we found out we were going to be companions, so we were at the transfer meeting and usually we dont find out until the ap's (assistants to the president) tell us with this huge powerpoint thing, but we were picking up mail and all of a sudden I hear sister rampersad saying my name, and then i turn around and see that she has a package and it has both of our names on it! I turn to her and say, "Well I guess were companions!" yay!! I love her so much! she is just awesome! she is helping me learn  and progress so much its amazing!!
A miracle that we saw was we went to round up two investigators that live in the same house for church. we knock on the door and our investigators arent there and only the son is there. We talk to the son a little  bit and ask him where his mom is he says he has no idea he just woke up and they were just all gone!  Our member ride was coming in ten minutes so We take advantage of the opportunity of a member giving a ride and ask if he would like to come to church and he says that he just got like a couple hours of sleep and hes not ready. we were a little worried and finally decided to just call off the ride with the member. We decided to say a prayer to figure out what we needed to do and the second we open our eyes our investigator walks up!!! she tells us that she was trying to help a friend that was having troubles and was trying to get back as soon as possible and she just had to run inside and get her dress on and she would be ready!  We quickly start calling our member to get her to still give them a ride, but turns out that our member is lost!! since my companion is new to the area she doesnt know how to give directions so it up to me!!!! For those of you that know me you know that I am sooooo bad with directions! I am always getting lost! even in my own town that i have grown up in my whole life!! so let me tell you that it was a true miracle and help from the spirit that all of a sudden i was able to give directions and remember where things where and know where north, south, east, and west where especially because i had gotten lost the day before getting to a members house and he had helped me figure out where was everything so i was able to use it to guide this member to the house! Miracle!!!! so finally the member pulls up! our two investigators come out and one of our investigators comes up to us and asks us "What did you tell me son?" and we were like "why?" and she said, "Because hes coming to church!! He hasnt come to church in years!" She was so happy! and it was a true miracle of God!:)) they all get in the car and come to church!!! Me and my companion where practically in tears we were so happy and excited!:) Satan tried sooo hard to not get them to church but the power of God overpowers all!:)
anyways hope you all are sharing the "He's the Gift" Video and showing it to all your friends! It is really powerful!:) go share it on facebook right now!! 
Merry Christmas! I love you!!!
Hermana Miles

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