Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014-Wellington

 This week was awesome!! I got to see my lovely daughter( Mission lingo for someone I trained) Sister Moffett at a specialized training and it was so awesome to see her again!! All the northern Zones were together for a training and our mission president surprised us by allowing us to see Meet the Mormons! Which is such a good movie!! If you havent seen it i recommend that you do!:)) It was perfect!! All the Missionaries loved it! This week we had a miracle! We had been training on chapel tours during the beginning of the week by our district leader and we decided that we were going to get one. So we asked pretty much everyone we knew but no one was available to come. So we go and visit a Recent convert and she and her sister are just hanging out at home when all of a sudden my awesome cousin asks her sister if she is busy and wants to come on a chapel tour!! It was amazing! she came!! and she had a great experience! We really felt the spirit during the part we were in the sacrament room. 
Also that same recent convert brought one of her friends to church!! We were so excited to see her friend because the sisiters before us had been teaching her a bit but she had just gotten really busy. she was really sick though and so we asked her if she would like a health blessing and she said yes!! After church she looked so much better and even said she felt better!! Then we saw her later that night and she said that she wants us to meet her family!:)
anyways I dont have much time this week guys sorry! But I hope you have a great thanksgiving! LOVE YOU!
Hermana Miles

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