Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014-Wellington

We were able to get a miracle of 4 people to sacrament and that was a true miracle from God. This week in the scriptures i have been reading about the brother of Jared and the tremendous faith that he has. Lately I have been trying to put my full heart and mind into the work and trying to figure out how to do that so thats what i will be studying this week. We decided to take a member out with us but all of our appointments were falling though so we decided to just take her out harvesting with us and the first two doors where a little rough and you could tell that our member was getting a little hesitant to knock on the next door but we told her that usually right before we find an amazing person satan tries to distract us so we go up to the next door faithfilled and we knock on this door and this man comes out with his three little kids. We ask him if we can say a prayer and he invites us in! Our member was so excited she jumps right in and says, "Yes!" so we go in leave the prayer and this man starts crying! He had been saying just the night before to his wife that he truly needed to be closer to God and we showed up! What a miracle! and it made our member really excited to come out harvesting later on!:)
Sorry guys not much else this week! Love you!
Hermana Miles

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