Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014-Wellington

This week was amazing!And so much fun!!!!!!!! We had our christmas Party and it was a blast!!!!! Every zone did a little skit and our zone did the nativity for our skit and I was chosen to be mary! which was kind of weird but ended up being really fun!! And I got to see all my friends!!! I got to see Sister Moffett! I was so excited! Anyways and this week has also just been filled with miracle after miracle! 
 We were with this member and we went to go see Lewis our investigator. When we had first found him he felt the spirit so strong but he had started to get a little antied by his family. So we decided to take this member out with us and teach the restoration. We finished talking about Joseph Smith and had our member bare her testimony about the truthfulness of the book of mormon and Joseph Smith. The second she starts talking the spirit just flooded the room! She started crying and we look over to Lewis and he has tears in his eyes! It was such an amazing experience! Members testimonies are so powerful!! We truly can not do this work without them!
Also we found out last night that Sister Walker is leaving!!! Oh man! I am so sadd! We wont get to be together for Christmas!! But I am kind of excited to stay in this area! the members are amazing!!! they truly help so much!!
So this week me and sister walker where knocking doors and we saw this Dog through the sliding glass door and we were like no problem we can just go up to the door. little did we see that there was a doggy door. we had already knocked so it not like we could just leave so we just dont move or breath, hoping he hadnt noticed us. I look back about to tell my companion that maybe the dog doesnt know how to use the doggy door when all of a sudden he sticks his head out of the doggie door! oh man we were so scared!! we have both heard horror stories about sisters and dogs! anyways turns out the dog was too fat to fit through the doggy door and we merrily went on our way:)
Also we went to go visit a member family and they have this 4 yr old daughter and she just started getting really excited when we walked in and I was like "so cute! someone is excited to see us!!"(This really makes you feel good when you're a missionary) and she would come up to me and my companion and then run back to her mom with this big smile. My companion and I were a little confused but we just figured she was just really happy. Then all of a sudden she starts saying to her mom, "Look mom! look mom! Its anna and elsa!" and then her mom starts laughing! Turns out this little 4 yr. old thought that we looked like anna and elsa from Frozen! since my companion and I both had braids in and she is blonde and i have brown hair! haha:) It was the cutest thing ever! and me and my companion felt so good about ourselves afterward for making a 4 yr olds day we were practically skipping out the door!:)
Love you guys!!!
Have a great Chrismas next week!
Hermana Miles

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