Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014-Royal Palm Beach

This week was good! We saw some amazing miracles with less actives. We had set up an appointment to go visit this less active, we show up on sat. and he doesnt look too happy to see us but he lets us in, we talk to him get to know him a little bit and he says how he grew up in the church but that he kind of fell away from the church when he was 18 and had a problem with the word of wisdom and wasnt going to be coming back to church. So we asked him if we could say a prayer with him and he was like, thats fine, and sister jones, my companion, left an amazing prayer and she finishes and he is crying, we had no words, it was just silent for a little bit, it was amazing we know for sure he felt the spirit and afterwards he said, "I need to make it back to church" and he is going to let us come over again! We are so excited just to help one of Heavenly Fathers children return back to the fold and also his family are not members! We hope Heavenly Father will truly guide us in what we need to do for him:) also we were visiting this less active lady that we hadnt seen since my first week in the area and she was soooo nice!!! We are going back this week to go help her out with her back yard! We are super excited!! Truly we have been searching and searching for opportunities of service that we could give to members and non members and God has been blessing us with these opportunities to help his children! We even got to paint a house this week which was super fun!!! Who Knew! haha:) 
I hope you guys had an awesome Halloween!! We had an awesome trunk or treat at the church for our ward and it went really well! We got to judge the costumes and i loved it!!!! 
So for halloween we were asked to go home early, so i had bought some candy to pass out to kids because i was so excited!!! I pass out candy to like three kids when all of a sudden the door bell rings and these 14 yr. olds are outside, I open the door all excited! say, "Happy Halloween!" and they take all of my candy!! all of it!! I just stood there frozen! I didnt know how to tell them only to take one candy! So I just waved at them goodbye and said, "have a good night..." I was so devastated that i had to have my companion tell the other little kids that came to our door that there was no more candy, haahaha I felt too bad!:) haaha but after a while i got over it! I guess now i know for next halloween! 
Love you guys!! hope you didnt eat to much candy!
Hermana Miles

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