Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014-Wellington

AHHH!!!! So guys I am offically in wellington! and I love it!!! The ward is sooo amazing! I dont think i have every seen such an amazing and missionary focused ward!!! and they made me feel super welcomed! My new companion is just amazing!!!! I cant believe how lucky i am! her name is sister walker!!! and she is awesome!!!! We have so much fun!! and of course work hard!:)
This week has been amazing we have seen miracle after miracle as we strived our hardest to follow the spirit and be guided by God. One specific experience was amazing!! We had just finished a lesson with an investigator and were about to get into the car when we felt like maybe we should go visit a Less Active near by. Earlier that day we had committed ourselves to oym every person to allow God to trust us enough to place people in our path. So we see this women sitting on her car on the telephone and we go up and ask to give her a card and also ask her if she would like a prayer. She immediately tells the person on the phone that she will call her back and looks at us and starts asking us why we came up to her and why are we walking this late at night around here and what made us come up to her? We told that we honestly didnt know but that we knew we needed to talk to her, Then she starts crying and telling us that God truly sent us to her. She had been having a horrible week. she is a single mother of a 4 year old and her car had died in the beginning of the week and so she had had to walk with her 4 year old 16 miles to school with her 4 year old and in total it was 32 for her. She also didnt have a job so she had just needed some help and support from God. We testified to her telling her that we knew we were sent to here! We said a prayer with her and the spirit was so strong! I coudlnt believe it. you could just feel so strongly how much our Heavenly Father loved her, his daughter, at this  time. It was amazing!
Also we were knocking doors and knocked into this kid named daquan! Man he has such hi desires!! We read moroni 10 with him and he just wanted to keep on reading!!! and just kept on saying how excited he was for his baptism!!!
Also! We got a referral from these other missionaries, we show up and out comes this HUGE 6'3 guy!!! (keep in mind that I am 5'1 and my compaion is 4'11)  He is actually a football player for a professional team and is on the offensive line! We said a prayer with him and he seems like he has really high desires too, he was really nice! Me and my companion where just thinking of how our baptism picture would look like with two short girls and this football player:D hahaha
anyways I have had an awesome week! hope you guys have had one too!:)) I love you so much!!!!!
Hermana Miles

P.S. Me and My companion and an awesome Jamacian lady in our ward who just recently got baptized!! She is so awesome! I might be using the word awesome too much this week...

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