Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014-Royal Palm Beach

CThis week was amazing. Heavenly Father was blessing us for our patience this week! We were knocking doors when we ran into this lady that we had OYMed (Open Your Mouth) before! she had loved the prayer we said with her before and wanted us to come see her son but we hadnt gotten her number, so we were knocking doors when my companion felt inspired to go and knock on this one door, This lady opend the door and is sooo excited to see us! Turns out that she doesnt even live there but that she works there as a nurse aid. it was a miracle that we were able to knock on her door of where she works! She was so excited to see us and immediately told us, "wait just 15 min. I can get off of work and drive you to my home and introduce you to my son." It was amazing we said a prayer with her son and he accepted baptism!! I was truly a miracle!! We couldnt believe it!! and the first lesson we had with him was amazing! He talked about how he had had mormon friend before and had always wanted to read the book of mormon but had never asked for one!! He said that he already knows that his Book is going to bless his life! miracle upon miracle!
Also this is transfer week soooo......I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!! AHH!!!! So we live with other sisters that have an area close to ours so on the transfer call it said, "Sister Miles: Transfer...across the hall!" I couldnt believe it! I already know my companion! Her name is sister Walker and I had already lived with her for two transfers and I love her!!! She is from Idaho!! and I dont even have to pack my stuff just literally move it across the hall!:)) I feel so much peace about this decision and this upcoming transfer we are just so excited to be companions and to get to work!:)) when we found out me and her jumped up and hugeed each other and were just screaming!!:)) God is real and he is so kind! He knows our desires our wished, what we want to accomplish, He wants us to be happy, he loves us so much! More that we can imagine! Just Hold tight to that iron rod and "continue in patience until ye are perfected" (D&C 67:13)
Love you guys!!
Love Hermana Miles

Me and my new companion

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