Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 22, 2014-Doral South

Guys!:)) I sent you some pictures so hopefully it will make up for the short blog post. So this week actually has been super crazy and exciting!! One day we were knocking doors and we actually had to call the police on someone! Turns out the guy was not doing good things (we dont really know much because the police didnt tell us anything) but they actually had to take the guy into custody so that was super exciting! and scary! but really more exciting than scary! And we are all fine so it was really just an exciting mission story to tell when I get back! The Madriz family is doing soooo awesome!:)) We love them to death!! they asked for a picture of a "mormon" Jesus and we went to a members and got one for them:) They loved it so much! They immediately stuck a nail into the wall and put it up so that you could see it right away when you enter the door! and the dad has already read all the was to Mormon, in the Book of Mormon! We were so surprised! They have so many friends at church already its incredible and of course everyone loves their daughter who is 5:) she is adorable! I sent some pictures of her! She is learning english so all she knows right now is, sit down, and stand up, its really cute!:)) So for our planners everyone in this mission goes all out and decorates them, so this elder had asked us to decorate his planner cover for him so we were like okay! So this elder super likes star wars and we were going through birthday cards listeing to the music on the inside (i super enjoy this time, its really sad how tired you get of Mormon tabernacle choir on your mission, I will never listen to it again in my life) and we found one with a star wars theme song and me and my companion looked at each other and said, "Best. planner. cover. ever." So basically we rigged it so that everytime he opens the planner the song turns on! Yes we will be famous throughout the whole mission now. No big deal. anyways I lovey ou guys!!!!!!!!
Hermana Miles
p.s. Dont ask how long it took us to make that planner cover...
p.s.s. We basically hate the star wars theme song now too because we had to listen to it a bajillion times while we were making it.

This is crazy Gabriella Madriz. She's the best.

Adriana and Gabriella. Adriana is getting baptized next week with her mom and dad! We love this family so so much!!!!

Adriana Madriz, Alejandra (17-year-old in our ward), me, Sister Miles, and Gabriella

This is Gabriella, the 5-year-old girl from the Madriz family. She likes to chill with us at church. She helped me lead the music in relief society and it was SOOO cute.

Us in the car. 

This is Amelia! Us in front of the church building. She's gorgeous :) can't wait till she finds an awesome Mormon husband!!

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