Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014-Royal Palm Beach

So this week guys i got transferred all the way up to STUART! I am in Royal Palm Beach now and man is it different! Since i have pretty much been in miami my entire mission it is so different to be here! This place is ginormous and people here are super rich. These houses are so beautiful!! Our house that we live in is amazing! I am so grateful for it since coming from the super ghetto house in Hialeah. My new companions name is Sister Jones and she is from Corona, California, which is cool to have a fellow californian as a companion. General conference was super good!!! I think it was the first time that i had written down actual questions and then i took a bunch of notes and I felt like they were answered!:) Things are doing good, We are excited to go out and work! You guys should go see the Meet the Mormons movie thingy! I heard that its supposed to be good:) This general confereence was my last one on the mission! Its crazy how fast time has gone by! I only have five more months which is super scary to me! But everything will be okay:) Love you!
Love Hermana Miles
p.s. sorry this time was super short! I didnt have a lot of time, next time I will tell you a bunch more stories is promise:)

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