Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014-Doral South

So this week was incredible guys!!! The Madriz Family came to church! and also 2 other of our investigators!!! We were so excited!!! It was amazing and truly a miracle!! The family came early because they wanted to come to talk to our bishop!:) They got to know him and we loved church they are making so many friends. There little girl who is 5 years old is so CUTE!! I will send a picture of her next week! Sister Moffett and I are in love with her. Everytime we got over we say okay you are coming home with us say bye to your parents! and she gladly walks out the door with us! she loves doing our hair and we always come out having the weirdest hairstyles but we love them so much! Later that Sunday they texted us saying they were looking for a TV and to let them know if anyone was willing to donate one, and we knew the bishop had an extra one that he was trying to give away so we thought, "what a perfect opportunity to stop by!" so we get the elders to come and carry the tv for us (poor elders!, but honestly it was way to heavy for us!) and we show up at their door with a tv! They were so excited espeically their 5 year old! So we were talking to them for a little bit when suddenly a couple from another ward stops by!! Instant member present!! We were so grateful!! They were baring their testimony of the church and erasing any doubts that they had! and they brought the spirit so strong!! The whole family felt it I am sure!! 
A funny experience that we had this week is we were going to an appointment with a less active to help her grandchildren with some of their math homework and we notice two guys in white shirts! IT was the elders! Turns out this less active had asked us both to come over to help prepare her kids for baptism! So we both taught the girls but the elders had to stand outside since their was no man in the house so they were teaching when all of a sudden and little kid comes up to them and asks, "what are you doing?" and the elders where like, "uh...teaching a family." and then the kid (who is like 8 or 9) says, "well dont knock on my door." and then races up the stairs to his apartment and the elders where like, "okay..." and then later in the lesson the kid comes down with something behind his back, and the elders were teaching the lessson so they werent paying attention and then he pulls out there HUGE scissors that are like the size of his head! and we tell the elders to turn around and the kid suddenly starts backing away! The elders where so scared for their life. They kept on checking to see if the kid had cut their shirt or pants. and then every time they would look away from him to teach the lesson, he would slowly start walking towards them again! pretty soon the elders would say one sentence in the lesson and then pass it to us so that they could make sure the kid wasnt coming closer! hahaha poor elders! We felt so bad but it was so funny and we couldnt stop laughing! Oh man!
Welll I love you guys!! Offically only have six more months on my mission! Scariest thing ever!
Hermana Miles

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