Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 30, 2014-Doral South

So GOOD!!! This week has seriously been the best week of my mission! The Madriz Family got baptized!!!!! We are so happy for them! It was an amazing experience. They were so excited for it all and so many people came for the baptism!! Everyone in this ward loves them! During fast and testimony meeting all the members where thanking Heavenly Father for the family that was getting baptized, it was soo cute!!! We had SEVEN people getting baptized in total that day with our ward and the other ward and it was sooo hectic! We were trying to get the other wards baptism to hurry up so that we would have time for ours and their werent enough baptismal suits for everyone and the water in the font was gettign cold and we were not goign to have enough to time to fill it and we had to do the programs and etc. everyone was just sooo stressted. We were trying to print out the program for the Families baptism and the printer started just throwing out papers printing on the wrong side and we finally just freaked out and unplugged the printer and walked out of the printer room practically pulling our hair out!, right as we walk out some of the elders see our stressted out faces and look into the printer room and see that the printer had practically exploded and their were papers every where!! the elders where so scared of us! They asked us if their was anything they could do to help us and we were like, you can deal with this nonsense printer thingies, and we walked off. It was so hectic, but we were so grateful! their were so many blessings that day that we literally had no room to receive them!!(like seriously there was no room)
When the baptism was about to start the ligths in the whole church building went out! but no one was worried about it! The Madriz family had so much desire to get baptized it didnt matter what happened. We went ahead with the baptism and William was the first to be baptized and he had to step into the font and it was pitch black! and we had some members use their phones to shine light into the font! It was amazing I couldnt believe that they wanted to get baptized so bad that the were willing to get baptized in the dark! When William got baptized it was the most amazing thing ever. We felt the spirit so strong and he felt it too! He gave a hug to the member that baptized him and thanked him so much and started tearing up. It was amazing. He then waited for his wife to get baptized before going to go get changed and then the mom and dad watched as their daugther got baptized! It was so beautiful! This family deciding to all take this life changing decision and supporting one another and you could just feel the love and the happiness that they had!:) After the baptism the ward had made a small little luncheon for them and as we walked into the cultural hall we asked william how he felt and he started tearing up and saying, "I have no words, thank you" It was amazing! We love this family with all of our hearts and are so grateful we even had the blessing of being a little part of their conversion. We went to go visit them the next day and talking about the temple and how they can be sealed for eternity as a family in a year and William said how lucky they where to find the true church of Jesus Christ. They are AMAZING! that is why we were so sad when we heard that BOTH me and sister moffett are TRANSFERRING!!!! 
We couldnt believe it when we heard! I was so angry!! what is going to happen to our family? what is going to happen to Amelia and Javier and the members that need our help right now? I just kept on thinking about this over and over again, but then one of the sister missionaries told me, dont worry, God knows, He knows what hes doing, and then thats when i realized, Everything is going to be alright, everything is going to be just fine:) I was teaching all these people about relying on God in your trials you just have to let everything go and lean on him and I got an opportunity to finally practice what we preach:) So here goes another adventure!! of course i am so nervous i can hardly think! Where am i going?? Who am i going to be with?? But its okay:) Heavenly Father loves me! He knows me! He knows whats best for me! and that means that all i have to do is  work hard and leave the rest to him:) I love you guys!! I am excited to let you know where i end up!:)
I miss you! 
(this is me begging!)
Hermana Miles

Us with Yailae and Natalia. The elders baptized them this week but we helped teach them and their grandma (Milagros) got baptized last year and she's the best! We also help them with their homework once a week :) love them so much!

us with Yailae and Natalia after their baptism

Javiers little sister Jennifer!:) She is so cute! She showed us all her haloween costumes:)

Everyone in our district!:)) WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Me and Sister Moffett!:) I love this girl!! 

The family eating after the baptism in the dark:)

Amelia made us waffles for breakfast!:)) SSOO GOOD!:

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