Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014-Royal Palm Beach

So this week was seriously a trial of our faith week but God showed us in the end that if we keep diligent and endure to the end he will bless us. This week we had a really hard time finding anyone solid, but we would have little miracles here and there kind of like Heavenly Father telling us not to give up yet. So we kept diligent on working in our area and really trying to improve in our areas of weakness and then a miracle happened!
 We were sitting in church when this lady starts waving at me. Sacrament Meeting had already started so I just kind of quietly waved back pretending like I knew who she was. With coming to a new ward you see and meet new people every second so i just figured she was another member but I was thinking really hard, "Where have I seen here?!?" Until finally it clicked and I practically jumped out of my seat and gasped really loud! The people behind me must have thought i was crazy but I had just suddenly remember that she was a lady that we had OYMed while looking for a less active and she came in with her Husband! We were estactic! It was actually a miracle that we had even seen her because the less active we were going to see had their gate locked so we just left a card in their gate and were about to leave when we decided to knock some doors in the area. We knock into this really sweet old lady but she wasnt really interested but talked to us for like 15 min. so when we finallly got out we saw that the less active was pulling out of their driveway. We ran over to her house and got her attention and asked her if that less active lived there and turns out that he doesnt. so we asked her if she needed a prayer and she said YES!! She said she had actually really needed one at that time so we said a prayer and invited her to be baptized and to church and she said she would really consider it. She was soo nice she even gave us a lunchable that we think we supposed to be her lunch for work! It was really sweet of her!
 So when sacrament meeting finished we rushed over to her and asked her how she liked it and she had this big smile on her face!:) We are really excited to go and see her this week and see how her AND her husband can progress. We were so grateful for the miracles that Heavenly Father showed us this week. We realized later that if we had not had the feeling to go knock some doors and if the nice old lady hadnt talked to us for 15 min. we would NOT have met the lady!!! He truly is mindful of us and guides our lives more than we can even possibly imagine. I truly believe that if we are willing to give of our full heart mind might and strength He lifts our burdens for us when we believe we can not hold on any longer. He loves us. Thats what i learned this week. My Heavenly Father loves me and everyone else also. We are all his children and He loves us.

P.S. HAppy birthday to my BROTHER JORDAN!!:))

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