Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014-Hialeah, FL

Okay guys this week was full of miracles!!This week we oymed pretty much everyone we saw and since we are kind of running out of miles we have been biking a a LOT... anyways, while we where on our bikes we tired to talk to everyone we saw. it was kind of comical because my bike is a little bit too tall for me so I have to like jump off my bike and then my skirt flies everywhere and then we like corner these people with our bikes and hand then a card or ask them if they would like a prayer. We might have scared some people but it was a lot of fun and my companion and I were having a blast and we saw so many miracles from this. We found this guy that had a huge countenance change after the prayer and asked us even before we asked him how he felt, "So When are you coming back? I like this feeling" :) I love the area that I am in! It is the absolute best! Everyone here speaks Spanish first and then English :) Its awesome! Even the stores signs are in Spanish!! Some of the places we go to are a little sketchy but its fun!! Everyone is so nice!! We might have seen a wanted sign for a scary looking guy on multiple flies on some apartments we were knocking doors on but its still a blast!:) Heavenly Father has been helping me so much. While we are in lessons I will just open my mouth and hope that something understandable comes out in Spanish and this awesome thing comes out and I'm like, where did that come from? I don't think I've ever used that word in Spanish." Its awesome! Talk about the gift of tongues that heavenly father has been so kind to bless me with. Of course when I have to talk to my companion in language study its a little harder but Im working on it:) Also this week our family that we have been teaching came to church!!! We were so excited!! It was a little stressful because at first they came like 20 minutes late and we wanted them to be there for sacrament so we had them go to sunday school and then took them to the other wards sacrament that starts at eleven and they loved itt!!! They hadn't eaten breakfast before they got there so we were really worried that they were having a horrible time and were so hungry but at the end we asked the grandma how she felt and she was like, "So good! Im not even hungry anymore!" haha:)  that was a relief to hear. I feel like they are our babies and we want them to have the best time ever and try to protect them from anything that might sound weird or anybody that might offend them. I don't think I have ever prayed hard enough for someone who is talking in church not to say anything weird that might make us sound like a cult haaha:) But thankfully they loved it!! and are preparing for baptism! The pictures at the end are of me and an (eternal) investigator Roberto from my old area that would feed us starbuck sandwiches whenever we didn't have even money for food:)) He saved us so many times! I love him!! We heartattacked his house like two months ago and he still has the hearts on his door he is so proud of them:) and then its me in front of a million m&ms and then the temple!!!

Hermana Miles

Hurrah for Israel

P.S. I have decided to name my child (when I get back home) Luna Luz:) heard it from one of the people I met:)

p.p.s. that's not my companion im sitting next too. She is one of the sisters I live with:) My companion is the one with the blue shirt and the black cardiagan who is blond:) she is AWESOME!

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